Constitution and Rules

1. Name of the Club
The Club shall be called the HORSELL TENNIS CLUB (hereinafter called “the Club”).

2. Management
The Management of the Club shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of a Chairman, Hon. Secretary, and Hon. Treasurer (who shall be the officers of the Club) and at least two other members.
The committee members shall be elected or re-elected at each Annual General Meeting.

3. Election of Members
The election and expulsion of members is vested in the Committee. New members shall be issued with a copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Club and a combination lock number and access to the on-line booking system.

4. Junior Members
Children of members, or sponsored by a member, and aged 11 to 16 years, shall be entitled to Junior Membership at a reduced fee. They shall not be entitled to their own card and may only book courts in accordance with the Byelaws. They shall be entitled to introduce guests in accordance with Byelaw No. 8 and with the consent of the sponsoring member. They shall not be able to vote at the Annual General meeting.

5. Subscriptions
The annual subscription for members shall be at such rates as shall from time to time be determined by the Committee. The Club year commences on 1st April and annual subscriptions are due to be paid in advance of that date.

6. Arrears of Subscription
If any member has not paid his annual subscription to the Secretary or Treasurer within four weeks after 1st April, he shall be liable to have his membership of the club cancelled. Any question of reinstatement will then be at the discretion of the Committee.

7. Meetings

  a. Committee
Committee meetings shall be held as and when required by a majority of committee members. A majority of the Committee being present shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall have power to co-opt a Committee member until the next Annual General Meeting.

  b. Annual General Meeting
An annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held every year during the months of April or May when the following business shall be conducted:

     i. A review of the activities and management of the Club.

     ii. The presentation, discussion and adoption of the accounts for the preceding financial year.

     iii. The election of the officers of the Club and of the other Committee members.

     iv. A discussion of policy for the management of the Club for the ensuing year.

     v. Any other business as has been communicated to the Hon. Secretary prior to the meeting or as may be raised at the meeting.

  c. Extraordinary General Meeting
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by the committee and shall be convened within 28 days on the requisition in writing of not less than ten members or one-fifth of the total number of members (whichever shall be the lesser) of the Club eligible to vote given to the Hon. Secretary stating the purpose for which such a meeting is required.

  d. Notice of Meetings
The Hon. Secretary shall, at least 14 days before any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, email every member eligible to vote, at their email address registered in the Club's court booking system, a Notice of the Meeting stating the time, when and the place where it will be held, and the business to be conducted.

  e. Procedure at Meetings

     i. The quorum at an Annual or Extraordinary meeting shall be 5 members inclusive of the committee.

     ii. At all meetings, every member eligible to vote who is not in arrears with his subscription shall be entitled to be present and record one vote and no more upon any question. In event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. Voting at meetings shall be by a show of hands or otherwise as the Chairman shall direct.

8. Finance

- The financial year of the club shall run from 1st April to 31st March in each year.

- The accounts shall be presented to the next Annual General Meeting and discussed and voted upon at such meeting.

9. Alteration of Rules
The Rules of the Club shall not be altered except by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting at any Annual General Meeting or at any Extraordinary General meeting called for the purpose by the Committee.

10. Byelaws
The Committee are empowered to make, repeal, and amend such byelaws as they may from time to time consider necessary for the well-being of the Club, which byelaws, repeals, and amendments shall have effect till set aside by the committee or a General Meeting, and such byelaws may, inter alia, provide for the amount of payments to be made for court fees by Guests or others and for heating lighting and for keys for the purpose of access to the Club premises.

11. Damage
Any member causing damage to the Club premises or property shall at the discretion of the Committee be called upon to make good such damage.

12. Shared Facilities
Members are reminded that the Horsell Tennis Club to some extent shares facilities with the Horsell Bowling Club, and they should bear this consideration in mind at all times.