Bucks leagues update

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This update is based soley on information posted on the Bucks Tennis website.



- All Summer matches up until 28th June are suspended and a decision on Summer match tennis will be announced in due course.


Winter 2019 / 2020:

- The competitions have all been terminated with no relegations or promotions being granted.

- However, teams that  were top of their Divisions when the lockdown started and could not be overtaken if all of the other team's remaining fixtures had been completed are to be issued with winning certificates (details of these teams are at the end of this email (no Horsenden teams).


Winter 2020 / 2021:

It is possible that the 2020 -2021 competitions could start earlier than October 1st. Events over the next few months will decide what can be done and I will update when notified.

- The same Divisions and Fixtures  from 2019-2020 will be run again in 2020 -2021 BUT with FIXTURES REVERSED (ie a Home fixture in the 2019 / 2020 competition will be an Away one in 2020 / 2021)