Club Calendar

2019 2019
Monday 4th March Committee Meeting
Sunday 31st March 11 a.m. Basil Mason Final and Wimbledon Ballot Draw
Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April Turner Tennis Easter Camp
Monday 29th April Committee Meeting
Saturday 11th May GBTW Open Day
Sunday 19th May Ladies Tournament - Club only
Friday 21st June
Ladies Day (P) 
Sunday 23rd June  9 a.m. (provisional) Junior Tournament (P)
Monday 8th July Committee Meeting
Saturday 20th July  from 10 a.m. Final Day (P)
Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August Turner Tennis Summer Camp 1
Monday 12th August to Friday 16th August Turner Tennis Summer Camp 2
Monday 9th September Committee Meeting
Sunday 15th September Hurst Festival
Saturday 12th October 2 pm  Bedford Mixed Pairs Tournament (P)
Monday 28th October Committee Meeting
Sunday 1st December at 10.30am AGM

  (P) Grass parking days