Match Roundup

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No doubt you'll have seen some of our fantastic teams out on court over the past few weeks, but you probably won't know how they're doing in the various leagues. To that end we bring you the Match Roundup: a look at HLTC's scores in the many matches the club's teams are playing. 

For those who don't play in the club's teams, we play matches in five local leagues during the summer months. We compete in the National League, which is a singles and doubles competition, often at a very high level. We also compete in the Kent League, which is typically very strong too - here we have teams mostly in the mid-higher divisions - and the Ashford League which is much more local to our area but also with good competition from some great clubs. East Kent is a small league based around Thanet mostly and Dover & District matches are weekday matches played against clubs mostly from the east of the county.

May has been a frustrating month match-wise as the weather has taken a turn for the weird and many matches have been rained off or played in sub-optimal conditions. However, we've had some great results across the board since the leagues all started at the end of April. Our Kent Ladies 1 team remains unbeaten so far with 2 wins, as does our National League Ladies' team. Kent Ladies 2 have only had one match, but the team powered to a 4-0 win so we're expecting good things there. Our Kent Men have not had so much luck unfortunately, coming up against some excellent teams from Beckenham and David Lloyd Beckenham and losing both 1-3. Similarly, Kent Mixed 2 had some very close rubbers in their match against David Lloyd King's Hill, but DLKH proved to be the stronger team, winning 3-1.

Our Kent mid-week ladies' teams are both doing well,  mid-week Ladies 1 are unbeaten in their division with two 4-0 wins under their belts, whilst Ladies 2 have beaten both King's Hill Community Tennis and Bearsted 3, 4-0 and 2-0 respectively (the latter was rained off), but lost to Hythe 1. 

The Dover & District League got under way at the start of May and our various teams have already played five matches. Mixed A had an absolutely epic match with Hythe B, winning 6-2 in the end but not before 3 hrs 45 mins had elapsed. So many tie-breaks! Mixed B continued their losing streak with a 0-8 defeat by Canterbury A, a team of very experienced players. Mixed C have had mixed results, storming to an 8-0 win over Bridge but losing 2-6 to our neighbourly rivals at Folkestone. Men's A have yet to play, but Men's B had a comfortable 8-0 win over our other near neighbours at Sellindge.

Team Opposition Result
Kent Ladies 1 Beckenham 2 3-1 Win
Kent Ladies 2 Canterbury 4 4-0 Win
Ashford Men's A Hythe B 4-0 Win
EK Ladies 1 Hythe 2 4-0 Win
Kent Men's 1 Beckenham 3 1-3 Loss
Kent Mixed 2 David Lloyd King's Hill 1-3 Loss
National Ladies Freedom Leisure B 5-1 Win
Kent Ladies 1 Tunbridge Wells 3 3-1 Win
Kent Men's 1 David Lloyd Beckenham 3 1-3 Loss
National Ladies TwistFizz 5-1 Win
Ashford Ladies B Sissinghurst 4-0 Win
Kent Midweek Ladies 1 Hythe 2 4-0 Win
Kent Midweek Ladies 2 Bearsted 3 2-0 Win
Kent Midweek Mixed Bearsted 1 0-3 Loss
DDL Mixed C Bridge 8-0 Win
DDL Men's B Sellindge 8-0 Win
DDL Mixed A Hythe B 6-2 Win
DDL Mixed B Canterbury A 0-8 Loss
DDL Mixed C Folkestone 2-6 Loss
Kent Midweek Ladies 2 King's Hill Community Tennis 4-0 Win
Kent Midweek Ladies 1 Trottiscliffe 2 4-0 Win