Hythe LTC Policies and documents

Your first contact in reporting any incidents, that you feel shouldn't be refered to a coach or other club official, should be the Club Welfare Officer Peter Ingelbrecht 07859 925761 penkrafthobbystore@gmail.com

Our club policies can be viewed in full below, by clicking the links in the table.

We take our member's Privacy very seriously. Our membership bookings go through the 'Clubspark' website and their Privacy Policy can be viewed here

All meeting documents here are protected with the password provided to you when you joined the Club. If you forgot that password, then contact the Membership Secretary.


CLUB RULES Minutes of Covid-19 meeting May 12th Minutes of May 19th 2020 2020 AGM minutes
British Tennis Safeguarding Policy Minutes of February 11th 2020   2018 AGM minutes
Risk Assessment Minutes of October 29th 2019   2017 AGM minutes
Covid-19 Risk Assessment Minutes of July 30th 2019    
Transgender Inclusion Policy Minutes of June 11th 2019    
Photography and Filming Policy Minutes of May 14th 2019   TREASURERS REPORTS
Diversity and Inclusion Policy Minutes of March 26th 2019   October 2019
Privacy Policy  Minutes of February 12th 2019   September 2019
  Minutes of October 23rd 2018   July 2019
  Minutes of August 21st 2018   June 2019
  Minutes of June 26th 2018   May 2019
  Minutes of May 15th 2018   March 2019
  Minutes of March 6th 2018   February 2019