Alan Cutts

I have been a full time tennis coach for 16 years and been involved in tennis for many more.  I played junior county tennis for Warwickshire and still enjoy playing for Ilkley. 

My career has taken me to many different places including 2 years coaching and managing for Markwarner Holidays.  I have now been in Yorkshire for 7 years.

I am always looking at new options to keep my coaching skills up to date with new skills and ideas.

I really believe tennis is a game for life and get a kick from getting as many people as we can to get  involved in the sport.


It is never too late to get into tennis! While I started playing at the age of 8 when my parents gave me a tennis racquet for Christmas, tennis is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people of almost any age. It's also something you never forget once you learn”.