Sliding around on the clay

The winter season for the mixed A team reached its climax against Worcester (whose team comprised of more residents of Kempsey than the away team) with the fixture going ahead despite the threat of heavy rain. 

Luke Borton excelled himself turning up at the agreed time of the wrong courts but did well to arrive just after the 10.30 start time, in spite of his detour through St John’s.

The wet weather meant that the matches were played on the artificial clay, which caused no end of delight for one member of the away team who was heard to say, more than once, “I hate this surface.” Bradford and Swinson-Davis struggled to cope with the clay initially, losing their first set to love but rallied to win their first rubber in a tense third set. Fardon and Borton fared far better, and managed to cope with both the surface and the audible complaints about it from the other court.  Borton relished practising his sliding skills, at times looking like he was taking it as an opportunity to practice for some baseball home runs. The pair (with the help of plenty of bananas) won both of their rubbers with some ease. After their gruelling three setter, Bradford and Swinson-Davis found their second rubber a step too far but the team came away with a 3 - 1 win to finish the season in third place in the table. 

Thanks to all those who have taken part this winter.