Winning ways for Kempsey Ladies!

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Kempsey Ladies have had a very successful July by winning all three matches played, sitting in 2nd place in Division 4 West after winning all five matches this summmer with two matches still to play.

The match on July 7th against Hallow saw Gill and Lynn win both their rubbers and Doz and Vicky win won rubber. Kate and Helen narrowly lost their first rubber in a tie break third set ( the only 3 set rubber of the day ) so the final match result was 3 rubbers each, 7 sets to 6 and 58 games to 56. A very close win for Kempsey by one set!

The following weekend’s match against Evesham was another hard fought afternoon of tennis. All three pairs Kate and Gill, Doz and Vicky and Jo and Katie won a rubber each and lost one each in straight sets. With a final score of three rubbers each and this time 6 sets each the games were eagerly counted. Kempsey won the match by 8 games!

On the last Sunday in July the team played against Stourbridge. With some challenging games, the team of Jo and Gill, Kate and Charlotte B, Doz and Charlotte U pulled through and were very pleased with the final result of 5-1.