Bookings (strictly for members only)

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

There are two ways that you can make a booking:

  1. On this page 
  2. (Strongly recommended): download: “ClubSpark Booker” from the App Store on your smartphone.

You will need your LTA/ClubSpark log on details to use either system – i.e. the same login used to pay your membership.   If you have forgotten your password there is a lost password function if you use the sign in feature on our website.

The rules for booking are:

  1. Only members can book courts
  2. Courts can only be booked up to 1 week in advance (except for coaching and competitions)
  3. Limit of 3 bookings per week per member - if you need more you can always ask your opponent to book
  4. Bookings are for up to 90 mins, in 30 min segments.  Note the default booking is 30 minutes so ensure you increase it to 60 or 90 mins when you book.
  5. PLEASE AVOID BOOKING COURT ONE IF OTHER COURTS ARE AVAILABLE.  Court One is the most worn court and we need to prolong its life until it can be resurfaced.  Also if you have a choice of courts please try and book a slot that is not immediately after another match so others can finish off matches that last more than 90 mins.
  6. Courts can be booked between 8am and 9.30pm any day of the year - but your car park key may still be required for access.
  7. Exceptionally the committee reserves the right to inform you and change courts/cancel bookings, e.g.  if space is required for league matches that have to be re-arranged at short notice.
  8. League and tournamemnt matches need to be played to their conclusion and bookings are made based on their estimated time.  Sometimes matches may over-run their designated time slot and completing these matches takes precedence over other bookings.  So please consider this when you make your bookings (e.g. you may choose not to book a slot directly after a league/competition match) and be patient if you have to occasionally wait to get on.
  9. If you make a booking and do not need it, please ensure you cancel on the system.