Winter League Rules & Results 2019/20

KLTC Winter League Rules 19/20

As per last Winter Season matches may be played as best of 3 or 4 sets, as detailed below. Also as the schedule is very tight, so if your team is unable to field 3 pairs on a scheduled match night please play with 2 pairs and advise the opposing team in advance. The key is to play the matches at the first attempt.(torrential rain and snow obviously being mitigating circumstances for rearrangements.)

Please note that rearranged games will most likely be Fridays or the occasional Monday with my consultation.

The Kenton Management Committee has discussed these problems and has arrived at a solution that will hopefully suit all Clubs providing Captains co-operate and compromise a little with each other. Due to Council planning permission requirements, matches are scheduled to finish at 9.30pm. There will be a timer installed on the lights, programmed to switch off at 9.45pm giving teams time to finish the match and vacate the courts by the time the lights switch off.

The points system is the same format as the Middlesex Summer League in that there will be three pairs, four sets per pair with twenty-four points per match. For those teams who only wish to play three sets due to starting late or only manage to play three full sets before the lights switch off, then a result over three sets will be acceptable following the standard allocation of points in uncompleted matches as published in the Middlesex LTA Handbook. Those matches where teams arrive on time and wish to play four sets may still do so. Equally, in those matches that start late and if the Captains of the two teams agree to only play three sets they may also do so. If the Captains are unable to agree to play three sets, then four sets should be played. Under these circumstances and if sets remain uncompleted, it will be necessary to refer to the standard allocation of points in uncompleted matches as published below. The modified rules for this winter season are as follows; A tie break should be played at 6-6 in any set, if time permits. 

WINTER RULES 2019/2020


Three pairs rated as 1, 2 and 3 in order of playing ability.


The match consists of 12 sets.

Each pair plays two sets against their equivalent pair and one set each against the other two pairs.

The pairs play against the other two pairs in the first two rubbers. The third rubber will be against their equivalent pair. This means as a minimum, each pair will play one set against each other pair. In the event of a three set per pair match, pairs will only play one set against their equivalent pair.

In the event of a set being tied at 6 – 6, a standard tie-break must be played.


Rubber 1                        Rubber 2                                    Rubber 3

A1 v B2 (1 set)               A1 v B3 (1 set)                           A1 v B1 (2 sets)

A2 v B3 (1 set)               A2 v B1 (1 set)                           A2 v B2 (2 sets)

A3 v B1 (1 set)               A3 v B2 (1 set)                           A3 v B3 (2 sets)

At least 3 sets must be played to constitute a match, rubber 1, rubber 2 and one set from rubber 3.


Each finished set constitutes 2 points and there are 24 points at stake in each match.

 If not all sets are played then the standard allocation of points in uncompleted matches from the Middlesex LTA Handbook will decide the final score.

In the event of teams finishing the season on equal points, the final league position will be decided by games won and if necessary by games lost.

Only games won in completed sets will count towards the final total. 

Although points won to arrive at a total of 24 points for an uncompleted match will count towards the total, no games will be awarded for uncompleted sets or for sets not actually played and completed.

All scorecards MUST be completed in full and left in the envelope in the Club bar.

Standard allocation of points in Uncompleted Matches is as follows;


18 – 0 becomes 24 – 0         20 – 0 becomes 24 – 0         22 – 0 becomes 24 – 0

16 – 2 becomes 21 – 3         18 – 2 becomes 22 – 2         20 – 2 becomes 22 – 2

14 – 4 becomes 18 – 6         16 – 4 becomes 19 – 5         18 – 4 becomes 20 – 4

12 – 6 becomes 16 – 8         14 – 6 becomes 17 – 7         16 – 6 becomes 18 – 6

10 – 8 becomes 13 – 11       12 – 8 becomes 14 – 10       14 – 8 becomes 15 – 9

10 – 10 becomes 12 – 12     12 – 10 becomes 13 - 11

Please note that this year a new rule applies that if a team gives a walkover it will be treated in the same way as stated in Middlesex Slazenger league LTA rule 10.5 

In the event of the match being unplayed, the defaulting club will receive 0 points. The other club will receive a proportional award of up to 24 points. The award of points takes into account the points gained by the receiving club in their other matches and the points other teams have gained against the defaulting club in their other matches. In any other case other where a match is unplayed the league Secretary has the power to award points as she considers appropriate up to a maximum of 24 points.


Matches commence at 7.00pm or as soon as possible after this time. Matches should be scheduled to finish at 9.30pm or soon after as the lights will automatically switch off at 9.45pm.


There will be a few spare dates this season for the re-arrangement of postponed matches. Consequently, all Captains are requested to make every effort to get these games played on the allocated date. Your commitment to getting these matches played on the allocated date will greatly help our organisers. A few spare dates will be held when the fixtures are calculated so if your Club has any particular functions on that evening then please let us know immediately so that the fixture can be re-arranged at the outset.

Last minute postponements will only be acceptable if the following circumstances apply;

The weather has made playing the match impossible such as snow or torrential rain.

Both teams are at the venue ready to play but the weather conditions make playing the match impossible.

Postponement of a match earlier in the afternoon because the weather is looking bad is not always reliable as the weather may be different from one district to another and if it is bad in Kenton early on, it could easily clear up by the time of the match. Consequently, please make every effort to turn up and play and only postpone in the extremes of circumstances. The courts at Kenton are ‘Claytex’ and are genuine all weather courts and are not dangerous when wet.

Captains struggling to get a team out at the last minute, is another incidence that has made things difficult for the organisers as there are few spare dates to play with. The dates are set well in advance so we would ask for all Captains to involve sufficient players in their squads who would replace other players at short notice. Should a Captain genuinely not be able to raise 6 players for a match then the match should still be played using a minimum of two pairs. Naturally, the team with 3 pairs will claim the points for the uncompleted sets. The team with only two pairs will field a first and second pair only. Please advise your opposing captain in advance if you only have 2 pairs available. 


Without asking for nominated players, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams are expected to be separate. As in the Summer Middlesex League a ‘B’ Team player may play for the ‘A’ Team in one match only. ‘A’ Team players are not allowed to play for the ‘B’ Team.


All tennis balls for use in the matches will be provided by KLTC. Floodlit courts 1, 2 and 3 will also be provided by KLTC between the hours of 6.45pm and 9.45pm. After the match, the used balls and the completed scorecard mustbe left behind the bar.


The winning teams will be duly rewarded on the presentation evening at a date to be decided in spring 2019. This will be held in the Kenton Sports Club Bar. Circulars will be sent out nearer the time. All participating Clubs are invited to attend.


You will notice when you come to Kenton that we have a new courtside pavilion which you may use to store your bags whilst playing. There will be a Winter League notice board to refer to as well. The door is keypad controlled, so if you shut the door and the coach has gone home you will not be able to access your belongings.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to shut the door at the end of your match as we do not want any undesirable visitors after hours.

Would Captains please ensure that the floodlights are switched off , including the switches even if the timer turns them off beforehand otherwise they will come on automatically the next morning ! (in the event of weather conditions forcing a match to be postponed or abandoned or if the match finishes long before 9.45pm). Would Captains please also ensure that changing room lights are switched off and changing rooms doors are shut and secure prior to leaving the premises. We thank you all for your co-operation in these matters.