Social Tennis

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We are keen to start running social tennis on a Thursday again but must make sure that it takes place safely and in line with current Government and LTA guidance.

  1. You must message on the WhatsApp group and say what time you will arrive
  2. The names of all attendees will be recorded for contact tracing
  3. Players go to a court according to the order in which they arrive, when one court is full, starting with 1, the next four play on the next court
  4. Each group of players plays 5 games with sudden death on the second deuce
  5. Winners split and losers move court
  6. Those who are waiting to play/have finished playing can stay and watch as long as there are no more than 6 people off court at any time and they observe the Government social distancing guidelines
  7. Members should bring their own hand sanitiser and use it after each match and after touching court gates, fences, benches, etc., and avoid doing so where possible.

It is important that we avoid the congregation of members and would ask that you follow our guidelines for the safety of everyone.

We want as many people as possible to be able to play, particularly our new members, but your safety is the priority. We  will review the situation  and guidance weekly; adjusting our strategy accordingly.