Sunday Tournaments 2020

The tournament format is friendly mixed doubles matches of 7 games, changing partners and opponents each round, with a prize for the lady and man who win most games. All tournaments start at 2pm and are followed by a tea to which all players contribute. The tournaments are run by Lis and Mark Clifford and all levels of player are welcome.

Dates for the Summer Series (to be confirmed)

Sunday 12th April 

Sunday 26th April 

Sunday 17th May

Sunday 7th June

Sunday 21st June 

Sunday 5th July 

Sunday 26th July 

Sunday 9th August 

Sunday 6th September 

Sunday 20th September

Sunday 4th October - Last Sunday Tournament

Trophies will be presented to the Series winners, the man and lady who accumulate the most games throughout the summer.

There are four stand-alone tournaments during the summer season (scores for these competitions do not count towards the Summer Series Trophy.)

(Dates to be confirmed)

  • The Generation Game - Sunday 10th May (mixed doubles, based on decade born)
  • The Phoenix Tournament - Sunday 14th June (mixed doubles with handicapping) 
  • Serge Dronov Cup - Sunday 23rd August
  • Swingers' Cup - Sunday 13th September (mixed doubles, partner chosen at random)