Court Bookings

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, booking is currently mandatory in order to use courts. Please see all the current coronavirus-related rules here.

Bringing a guest

If you are bringing a guest please FIRST pay £4 per guest to the club bank account Knoll Lawn Tennis Club  (03111450 sort code 30-96-31) THEN email the guest name(s) and visit date to the [email protected] .

This must be done BEFORE the visit. The same guest can visit the club a maximum of 6 times in one season. Member must be present and playing on court with the guest(s).

Using Floodlights

Floodlight tokens can be purchased from any committee member who has access to the bar. Tokens cost £3 each and provide 30 minutes of play.  Access to the clubhouse is not needed as the token machines are located outside at the front of the clubhouse.