Adult Coaching

Adult Group Programme

Technique Tuesdays – 1 hour
Aimed at players of all levels, these sessions will include:
• Basic technical foundations on each of the shots
• Lots of repetition of the shots to embed technique
• Understanding of the tactics that are driven by the technique

Men’s/Ladies/Mixed Drills – 1 hour
Aimed at regular players who like to compete in teams and socially, these match play focused doubles
drills sessions will include:
• Technical work to improve execution
• Roles and responsibilities of each player in different scenarios
• Working as a pair
• Tactics, positioning and movement

Cardio Tennis – 1 hour
Aimed at adults who wish to improve their cardiovascular fitness and movement, this ‘tennis aerobics’
class can burn 600 calories per hour. No previous tennis experience is required to participate in these
sessions and they are ideal for someone who is looking for a fun, social and alternative way to

Walking Tennis – 1 hour
Aimed at retired/55+, those recovering from long term injuries, players with joint replacements,
post-natal mums or complete beginners, this session is a walking version of the game with some
differences. It is a great way to get out, get active and make new friends with all the mental, social
and physical benefits this brings!
• Lower compression balls to slow the game down
• Two bounces within the court allowed
• No running or jumping allowed