Club Rules

Fair Use of the Courts

  1. Duration of Play – If there are members waiting to play and all courts are occupied, then those who were first on court should play no more than the set that is in progress, or play 30 minutes, whichever the shorter.
  2. Involve waiting players – Players engaged in a singles game are encouraged to invite players waiting to form a four for doubles, if all courts are in use.
  3. Club Matches, Events and Coaching – Any club matches and events will whenever possible be displayed in advance at the Club and/or notified by email.  These activities and coaching lessons will take priority over social matches.


  1. There is a charge of £3 payable in respect of a non-member playing as a guest of a member. Please transfer the appropriate amount to the Club’s Bank Account (Account Number 60557846, Sort Code 208573).  An adult member may bring up to 3 guests (junior members 1 playing guest if supervised by an adult) on any one day and each guest should not exceed 2 visits per year.


  1. Dress for all members should be tennis wear / sports wear.  It is compulsory for non-marking shoes suitable for tennis to be worn by all on court.  Everybody within the boundary fence must wear their tops at all times.
  2. Please do not bring mud onto the courts.  When it is wet and muddy, it is essential that members wear different shoes to walk across the playing fields.


  1. Members must not disclose padlock combinations to anyone.  Those who should know it will have been given the information by email.  Refer all enquiries to the Secretary.
  2. IT IS VITAL TO ENSURE THAT THE COURTS ARE LOCKED when you have finished playing, if they are not in use by others.

Care of the Courts

  1. Please take all rubbish home with you.  Do not leave empty drinks cans, bottles or any other litter on the courts or surrounding areas.
  2. Nets must not be over tensioned and must be wound down at the conclusion of play.
  3. No dogs are allowed on the courts, unless it is a guide dog.
  4. Chewing gum is not permitted on the courts.
  5. In times of excessive temperatures, the porous macadam playing surface will soften.  Please be wary of playing in such heat, and thus damaging the courts.


Car Parking

  1. We now have a new car park in Slad Lane which is secured by a chain and padlock.  Please make sure you lock the gate securely if you are the last person to leave.
  2. Please park sensibly so that others can use the car park.
  3. When leaving, there is limited visibility so be cautious when pulling out.
  4. Cars parked on the premises are at the owner’s risk.


  1. No responsibility can be held for members’ possessions left anywhere at the club.
  2. Members should be aware that the club has limited insurance, which does not cover personal injury on court in all circumstances.  Please also note that, as a member, you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others around you.
  3. Please be extra cautious of playing on the courts if they are wet or icy.  If in doubt, you are strongly advised not to play on slippery surfaces.

The Committee reserves the right to invoke Clause 7 of the Constitution if any member or visitor is in contravention of any of these rules.