May - New COVID Guidance

As from Monday 17th May there are new guidelines for club play. Members should remember to continue to maintain social distancing, hand sanitising and keeping a record of attendance at the club.

Clubhouses can now be opened. Face coverings should be used indoors when not seated at a table to eat or drink. A one-way system should be in place to avoid interaction with others and numbers should be limited to allow social distancing. The rule of 6 applies indoors such that groups of 6 may sit at a table, but may not mix with other tables – we are seeking further advice about how this applies to social events and after match hospitality so until then this will not be allowed.

· Outdoor social play can now involve up to 30 players. Organised club sessions, such as club nights, can potentially involve more than 30, but is dependent on the space available to maintain social distancing.

· Car sharing is permitted provided precautions outlined in government guidance is adhered to (eg face coverings and adequate ventilation)

· Spectators are now allowed, limited to rule of 30 outdoors and rule of 6 indoors. (chairs are allowed to now be used outside)

· Visitors can be allowed provided names and contact details are recorded and the visitors are aware of the protocols in place at the club. Lady Bay allow three visits at a cost of £3.00 If the visitor decides to join, the fees will be deducted from their membership.

· As before, changing rooms can be used, but on an exceptional basis. Players are advised to arrive ready to play.


Let us hope for a great summer of play.