Classes for everyone

We offer coaching for all ages and abilities. Please look at the coaching & holiday camp section for junior booking and more details.  For all adult enquiry's please email:


We start our tots at 3 years old. We offer a summer tots programme aiming to work on movement, balance and introduce basic ball and racket skills. This sets them up well for joining our mini red programme as they are used to being on a court, listening and following coaches instructions and having fun! You will be surprised at what a 3 year old can do!

Mini Tennis:

From ages 5-8 years we use the Red tennis balls. These are 75% slower than the yellow ball and used on half size court therefore make rallying, serving and match play possible for younger players. 

From ages 8-10 years we use orange balls . These are slightly firmer than the red balls and therefore children can play on a 3/4 size court and hit further. 

Finally, green balls are used from 10-12 years. These are the final 'mini' ball and are used as a transition between orange and yellow. Green balls are used on a full court.

Teenage Tennis:

Sadly there is usually a big drop out of teenagers in all sports. We aim to create a relaxed, socialable and fun tennis environement for this age group. 

Adult Tennis:

From complete beginner to advanced player we have something for you! Join a group or have a private lesson, we tailor our sessions to you. Use tennis as a great way to get fit, try our cardio tennis course coming soon! 


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