Parent and Child

New ‘Parent and Child’ Coaching Offer!

One of the great things about tennis is that it’s an outdoor sport that parents can easily play with their children. 

In this hour-long lesson, you the parent will learn new games and routines to use on court or at home with your child.  You'll also learn how to ‘feed’ a ball, good positioning on court and how to spot the errors that children often make.  For part of the session our coach will help you practise with your child - and your child will learn how best to practice with mum or dad!

It’s a great opportunity not only to learn how to develop your child’s tennis but also how to make your practices more enjoyable!  

The cost is £30 an hour.  Additional sessions can develop your practice skills further and give you both increased confidence to spend more time on court together.  And we’re here to help all family members develop their tennis skills so it becomes an activity the whole family can enjoy.

If you would like to book a ‘parent and child’ session, then our coaches are on hand to do this.  So please get in contact with the coach you would like to work with:

Alex Jackson on 07815 726975 or email: [email protected]

Simon Wardle on 07805 595402 or email: [email protected]