Annual Subscriptions are from 1st April

Annual Subscriptions are from 1st April

Type Description Subs
Adult aged over 18 on 1st April £130
Senior aged over 60 on 1st April £90
Student aged over 18 on 1st April and in full-time education £60
Junior attending secondary education on 1st April £35
Young Junior attending primary education on 1st April £20
Family 2 Adults and up to 2 Juniors who are children of the full members £220

Other Membership Information

  • Social (non-playing) Membership - Annual subscription £5.
  • There is a 10% reduction for family members living at the same address (except Family Membership).
  • For part-time occupancy/availability we have Country membership also available (please contact the club to discuss).
  • New Members Bonus: All new adult and senior members will receive a 40% first-year discount.

Spring/Summer Playing Times


  • Up to 12:00 pm - Free Play
  • 12:00 to 1:00 pm - Courts reserved for COACHING
  • 1:00 pm onwards - Social Play


  • All day – Free Play


  • Up to 10:30 am – Free Play
  • 10:30 am to 1:30 pm – Social Play
  • 1:30 pm onwards – Free Play


  • Up to 6 pm – Free Play
  • 6 pm onwards – Social Play


  • All day – Free Play


  • Up to 10:30 am – Free Play
  • 10:30 am to 12 pm – Courts reserved for COACHING
  • 12 pm onwards – Free Play


  • Up to 3 pm – Courts reserved for COACHING
  • 3 pm onwards – Free Play



Social Play – These times are for members to mix in and play (usually doubles). Only adults and Juniors with ‘Senior Status’ are allowed. The Clubhouse is normally open. There will be no coaching or matches at these times. On one Sunday afternoon per month there is a Tennis Drive advertised by email.

Free Play – These times are for members to arrange their own games. Adults and Juniors are allowed but there is no supervision and the Clubhouse will not normally be open. There may be a court taken up with coaching at these times. The courts are not bookable so it is ‘first come, first served’ but generally doubles takes precedence over singles if there are not enough courts for everyone. If the courts are unavailable (e.g. for a match) then an email will be sent to members.  A parent may play for free with a Junior member up until 6 pm during Free Play sessions if there is a court available.

Daytime during the week in School Holidays may be reserved for Coaching – an email will be sent to members if this is the case.