Coronavirus Update

We have at last received some better news in that we are allowed to open up the courts again for members. However, the restrictions are still quite severe and we should consider this slight relaxation as an opportunity to get some extra exercise rather than as a social experience.

Tennis is now allowed as follows: singles between 2 players who do not have to be from the same household or doubles between 4 players who are ALL from the same household.

There is no relaxation of the social distancing requirement. In addition, we must all do everything we can to minimise the risk of passing on or picking up the virus by touching surfaces that are touched by others.

Following a (virtual) meeting of your committee, the following has been agreed:

  • The courts will be available to be used from 8 a.m. on Saturday 16th May.
  • The Clubhouse and changing rooms / toilets are still unavailable for use. Before you set off for the Club please ensure that you will not require use of these facilities.
  • Play at the club must have been pre-booked. Please do not just turn up without booking. The club website now has a Court Booking page. Only the two outside courts (courts 1 & 3) can be booked as we are leaving the middle court unused. You will be asked to Sign-in to Clubspark. If you don’t have a Clubspark account then you can create one. We strongly recommend that you use your LTA membership details to sign-in to Clubspark.
  • You must bring your own tennis balls. These should be marked so that you can easily tell which ones you can touch. If you are playing singles with someone from outside your household then you should both use your own tennis balls (i.e. the server only uses their own tennis balls for that game). Do not pick up tennis balls that are not yours – pass them back using your racquet or your foot. Tennis balls can be purchased from the Club.
  • Please leave the gate at the end of the drive open. This is to reduce the need to touch surfaces used by others.
  • Please try to open and close the gates to the courts using your racquet, a disposable towel or something other than your fingers.
  • The tennis nets will be set to the correct height. To ensure that they remain that way the winders have been removed. Again this is to reduce the need to touch surfaces.
  • The Club is not currently able to provide a hand sanitizer station. Please bring your own and use it before entering the courts and again when you leave.

Here is the LTA “Guidance for Tennis Players” document. Please read it and follow its advice.

Note: Do not come up to the Club if Government advice means you should stay at home because you, or someone you live with, has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.