Covid-19 Social Distance Tennis!

In these crazy times, we all need a bit of fun. And exercise.

The LTA have been very thorough in giving clubs a set of rules that, if followed, make tennis safe in the time of Covid-19.

Here they are:

LTA Covid-19 Social Tennis Guidelines Full

To make it snappy for us:

- You can book courts as normal. 

- You must use your own tennis balls and mark them so you know which ones are yours. Only touch your own balls: do not touch anyone else's balls with your hands!

- Use hand sanitiser if you need to touch the net adjuster, net, door handle, or anything else on court.

- Wash your hands before and after play.

- Read the risk assessment on court notice board and follow the advice on the signage.

- Lock the courts when you leave (use sanitiser before and after doing this). 

- Keep 2m from anyone not in your own household at all times. this limits doubles, and means changing ends at the opposite sides. No handshakes. 

That's basically it.

If any details seem vague or confusing then we apologise and request common sense to be deployed.