Jenkins Bakery

The Jenkins family business was established by Mr David and Mrs Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jenkins in New Dock Road Llanelli in 1921.

Lizzie was a grand cook and “The Unique Café” (as it was known) quickly gained a reputation for producing freshly baked quality products.

The business has witnessed some very difficult times over the years, including the Great Depression, World War Two, rationing and the recessions of the post-war years.

But the business has taken pride in maintaining the standards of producing freshly baked goods.

High standards were the foundations on which the business was laid.

This meant there was a loyal customer base for the Jenkins shops in Llanelli.

The company slogan at this time was “Every bite – pure delight”.

The third generation of the Jenkins family, David and Russell, are now carrying on the family traditions.

The business has now expanded along the M4 corridor to incorporate 25 retail shops, employing 300 people.


Pictured right, the founder of the Jenkins family business, David Jenkins.

Below, third generation business directors Russell and David Jenkins.