Club Management

The club is managed by a committee of volunteers and so depends on the energy and enthusiasm of its members. Quite simply, we would cease to operate if members did not give up their time to support the club. The committee is elected annually at the AGM and is currently comprised of:

  • Chairman:  Roger Williams
  • Secretary:  Dawn Howles
  • Welfare Officer:   Roger Williams - 07933 250628
  • Junior Co-ordinator:  Peter Rees - 07891 828019
  • Head Coach:  Rob Cunningham - 07909 987359
  • Treasurer:  Paul Flanders
  • Communications Officer:  Vicki McNally
  • Team Captain:  Roger Williams (Men)  Vicki McNally (Ladies)
  • Social Secretary - Alan Day

Several ‘working groups’ also operate to help with larger tasks such as facilities, social events, Junior tennis and fundraising.  Can you help? See our volunteering section.