Bryn Illtyd Youth Trust donates £750

As a club run by the community our most important mission is to provide a safe, accessible, affordable tennis club for all ages and abilities. Thanks to the support of The Bryn Illtud Youth Trust and their kind donation of £750, we are able to offer a FREE tennis session to local children this summer 2024. This session is for members and non-members.  The social tennis session is not a formal coaching structure but a chance for children to play tennis with their friends  in a safe, supervised environment. There will be warm ups, racquet skills practice, ball skills, scoring practice and short games.  
Sessions for beginners and U10s start at 5pm Tuesday April 9th and for those who can already play full court 5.45pm- 6.30pm

All we ask is for everyone to listen to the instructions and to treat each other with respect