Juniors Play

Loughborough LTC has a thriving junior section and a strong track record of keeping players in the sport. A high number of our senior team players started out as juniors at the club. The club takes great pride in providing a safe and fun setting for youngsters to learn new skills and meet new friends.

Tennis has been called a sport for life.  While other sports can provide health benefits and promote mental and emotional growth, tennis does it all. With individual and team formats, a wide skill base and a strong social scene, tennis is the ideal sport for kids to learn early in life.

Loughborough LTC has a flourishing junior tennis section comprising of players from 3 to 18 years of age.  Most of the membership takes part in the termly coaching (around 10 - 12 weeks), provided by Inside Out Tennis, who offer a range of classes for all abilities. They also run school holiday camps which incorporate multi-sports too.

The main junior session is on a Saturday morning from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.  The format is an hour's coaching, a short break then back onto the courts for another half an hour or so of supervised play.  Through a variety of games and fun drills our friendly coaches will quickly improve your child's skills.  If they prefer just to play weekly that's fine, but if they would like more sessions and to learn to play competitively they can join a league and represent the club.  The club has teams in most age groups from Mini red (5 years) to Under 18s.

Loughborough LTC is set in very pleasant enclosed surroundings with free car parking on site and close by and we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for children to enjoy tennis. We are CLUBMARK accredited, have a Welfare Officer and all our coaches are licensed and CRB checked. Occasionally video analysis will be used in coaching sessions but the coaches abide by LTA guidelines.

Juniors and minis who have regular coaching must join the club and by doing so parents or guardians acknowledge parental responsibility for children in relation to the club’s health and safety policy, junior rules and code of conduct.

If you're interested in coaching, please get in touch with our head coach Martyn Whait (tel: 07970 277338 or email: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions.

What are the membership rates?  

The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.  Fees are pro rata if you join part way through the year.

  • Under 5's – free
  • Under 11's (Mini members) - £15
  • Over 11's (Junior members) - £30 per annum

Coaching fees are separate and paid to Inside Out Tennis.  If you receive regular coaching you must become a member.

I don't know if my child will like tennis and I don't want to take up membership in advance.

That's fine.  Once you've spoken to a coach and your child has been assessed, you can have one or two coaching sessions as a taster (around £6.50 each) to see if your child would like to continue.  Or you can book onto one of the summer holiday/half term holiday courses run by Inside Out Tennis Ltd on our premises.  Once they receive regular coaching they must become members.

What is the difference between mini and junior members?

Apart from the age limits, Mini members tend to play with scaled down equipment and red, green or orange sponge balls and Juniors with the hard yellow tennis balls and full size raquets and courts.  If appropriate mini members can be fast tracked but would still pay the mini rate if they are under 11.

Do I need special equipment?

Apart from appropriate footwear, e.g. trainers, no.  Rackets can be provided for use at club sessions and we do not insist on a dress code.

How do I join?

Please select the appropriate package according to the age of your child via the 'Membership' tab. If you would like coaching as well then come down to the Club on a Saturday morning and talk to a coach to be assessed. The coach can decide on the appropriate group and also offer after school sessions if Saturday morning is not convenient. If your child receives regular coaching they must become a member of the club. A separate website is used for coaching, but your contact details will be shared with Loughborough LTC for membership purposes. Coaching fees are paid separately too.

What if the weather is bad?

At Loughborough LTC we have a large plastic dome which covers two courts and allows coaching to take place all through the winter from the end of September to April regardless of rain, sleet, hail or snow. From April to September if the weather is judged to be too bad to play outside then the clubhouse is open for table tennis and group games supervised by Club coaches but the coaching team have a great reputation for playing in (almost) all weathers!

Do I have to stay with my child?

You are welcome to stay and watch your child, but some parents enjoy the chance to stroll into town and have a cup of coffee or run a quick errand. It's entirely up to you.

I'm only interested in coaching for my child.  Why do I have to pay membership fees?

We are a private Club, self-financing and non-profit making.  We do not receive subsidies from Charnwood Borough Council and all membership subscriptions go to maintaining and improving the club facilities.  Regular coaching is not available without membership of Loughborough LTC because otherwise, the facility wouldn't be as fantastically maintained as it is!

What do we get for the membership fees?

  • The facility to play tennis all year round
  • Access to the grounds and clubhouse during coaching or on Saturday morning
  • Playing in club teams
  • Playing in competitions organised by Inside Out at the Club
  • Having weekly coaching during school terms
  • Use of the outside courts when available
  • Hiring the dome facility at members rates
  • Facility of a parental member rate to play with one's child if U14.
  • Getting a BTM number for access to the Wimbledon ballot
  • Getting a BTM number to enter local, regional and national competitions
  • Joining in any social activities organised by Loughborough Storm or Loughborough LTC

Can I play tennis with my child/children?

Yes, we offer family membership (see adult section) which gives a range of benefits, but if you only want to hit occasionally on court with your child (U18) to give them extra practice then we offer a special parental rate of £30 per year. For this you are allowed access to any available court not already in use. Unfortunately you are not allowed to book a court with this type of membership, but unless it is Club night (Tuesday/Thursday 6-8 pm and Saturday 4-6 pm) then it is rare the courts are fully booked and there is usually some availability on the Thursday and Saturday club sessions. To apply please select the Parent Membership package on the membership tab.

How do I check if there are any available courts?

It is rare that the courts are fully booked and it is a case of turn up and play, but a computerised court booking system will be going on-line soon that will show court availability. Whether this will be rolled out to parental members is under review. If league matches are to be played then there is a list on the club house door which shows times and dates.

What if the Club gates are locked?

Gate keys are available for £5.00 and this fee is refundable on return of the key. Please contact Mark Rydings [email protected].  The last one on the premises locks the gate.

I fancy having a go too

You are welcome to join!  We offer a special adult coaching only membership if you don't want to become a full member and offer classes on a Saturday morning and Monday night at the moment.  Please see the adult section for further details/prices.  In theory you could join as an adult coaching member and parental member but you would not be able to enjoy the range of benefits of full membership.  


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