We offer a variety of membership options to cater for all ages and families alike and our standard membership packages are shown below.  There are some membership packages which are available only in  specific circumstances :

  •  COACHING ONLY - for those who are on a coaching programme and not yet playing tennis more generally 
  • COUNTRY MEMBERSHIPS - available for adults, young people and families who live 30 miles away from the club.
  • TEMPORARY HOLIDAY MEMBERSHIP - available for a family or couple for one week (2 sessions of 2 hours between 8am and 6pm).  To request Holiday Membership please contact the Membership Secretary 

 All memberships run for 12 months from the date of purchase (excluding holiday membership.  Please contact our Membership Secretary if you wish to discuss any of the packages not listed below or have any queries and wish to  discuss your membership options further.  



Adult Singles

12 months membership

12 months membership from date of purchase

Eligibility: Adults over 25

£140.00 in full

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12 months membership


Eligibility: Two people living at the same address and paying at the same time.

£260.00 in full

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12 months membership

Family membership

Eligibility: Family members living at the same address which includes children under 18

£270.00 in full

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12 months membership

Children who are under 18 when they join and are not part of a family package

Eligibility: Aged under 18 when they join. A date of birth must be provided (Those over 18 and under 25 can join the Young Members package)

£30.00 in full

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Mini Juniors

12 months membership

For children who are under 11 when they join. NOTE : A child who is 11 or over should join the Junior package and not this one

Eligibility: For members under 11. A date of birth must be provided.

£15.00 in full

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Parent Membership

12 months membership

For a parent of a junior or a mini junior

Eligibility: Parent membership is for a parent who wishes to play only with their child or children who are mini junior or junior members

Young Members

12 months membership

For Young Persons aged between 18 and 25

Eligibility: For those who are under 25 when they join, a date of birth must be provided

£45.00 in full

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