Mix Ins


These sessions are designed for improving, intermediate and experienced players to play short doubles sets  in a social setting, rotating play to ensure inclusion, variety and some informal competition. They are great for meeting new people and honing your skills. Full details of these sessions and timetables are shown below. If you would like more information on getting involved in the club mix ins, please email [email protected], or complete the 'Contact' tab on our website Lymington Tennis / Lymington Tennis Club (lta.org.uk). We can then put you in touch with our mix in coordinators. 

Mix In timetable. Please click on the relevant link to book your place. 

Monday 1300-1500 Courts 1-2

Monday 1900-2100 Courts 1-4 

Tuesday 1100-1300 Courts 1-2

Thursday 1900-2100 Courts 1-4

Saturday 1100-1200 Courts 3-4

Saturday 1200-1300 Courts 1-4



There will usually be a regular mix-in member to guide the group on rotation timings and groupings, and explain what happens to new joiners. It usually makes sense but even the old hands get confused sometimes! The general rules are: the format is doubles play when in multiples of four and singles when two (until doubles rotate).  

Rotation is every 20 minutes, regardless of score, i.e. no time is given for one court to finish the point or game they’re currently on. The exception is if time is called when the score is even, e.g. 2-2, 30-30; in this circumstance, one more point will be played.

Winners remain on their court and split. Losers rotate by one court in an anti-clockwise direction (as viewed from the clubhouse) and split.