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Winter 2023/24

Ladies A vs Ledbury A (26/11) - LOSS, 2 points

Our match was much anticipated as we knew they had a very good 1st couple: up first against them were Leila and Jackie easing through the first set 7-6, being confounded in the second set, and having to play a championship tiebreaker. Sadly, they couldn’t quite take it although it was very close. 1-0 to Ledbury. Meanwhile, our 2nd couple, Ali and Helen, got to grips with some dastardly cross-court spin and beat their 2nd couple. All equal at half-time 1-1. Their 1st couple looked scarily confident through the thick fog which had come down making it hard to see the other end of the court. Biff, bash… we were quickly 5-0 down wondering if we’d actually won any points at all! We scrabbled around and dug out 2 games, which may have put them off a bit as the second set “fell” into our laps, 6-4. Uh oh, another championship tiebreaker… we zoomed into a 6-1 lead, our cheerleaders were doing cartwheels (or rather, clapping enthusiastically), but somehow they came back to win it 10-8. Meanwhile, their 2nd couple sliced away the challenge from Leila & Jackie and we ended the match 2-8. 

Ladies B vs Goodrich D (25/11) - EVEN DRAW, 5 points

A beautiful autumn day, the Hills looked glorious and the autumnal colours on the trees around the ground were indeed a picture to behold. Goodrich proved a tricky team. Some very good rallies were exchanged and it's fair to say the sun won a fair few points against both teams! A very strange final result too, an identical number of rubbers, sets AND games. So points are shared equally.  Thanks to Sheila Bella, Kim and Sue A for playing, and Sheila for her delicious chocolate cake! 

Mixed B vs Manor Park E (19/11) - WIN, 4 points

A thrilling afternoon of tennis down at MCS! Jackie, James B, Peter and Helen battled in grey and, at times, wet conditions. The end result was two rubbers each, with both MCS pairs winning championship tiebreaks against their first couple. After some terrific play and amazing rallies, the end result overall was a losing draw, and a very creditable and entertaining one it was. Message from Nick, Manor Park captain, “Thank you for your kind hospitality and enjoyable tennis.”  

Ladies B vs Eardisley (18/11) - WIN, 10 points

After the disappointment of rain preventing play for the Ladies B’s first match last week, conditions were close to perfect for the match against Eardisley. It was a closely fought battle with some long rallies and great winning shots from both sides. Well done to Kim and Bella for keeping their cool and acting with compassion when the match point in the championship tiebreak was delayed due to a medical issue for the opposition. A great start to the winter season – next week: Goodrich D!

Ladies A vs Hallow A - WIN, 10 points
It’s the first time we have encountered Hallow A for several years and it was good to see them again. Our first couple, Jackie and Leila, made things look relatively easy in both of their matches, although their first match was full of hard-hitting and good points. Ali and I had a tremendous first match battle against their second pair, locked in a nail-biting first set tiebreaker where both couples had set points, and we eventually squeaked out 13-11, to our great relief. We shot ahead 4-1 in the second set, only to be pegged back to another tiebreaker, which also went our way despite some tough resistance. The opposition resistance crumbled somewhat in the second set of matches. We were very pleased to gain a 10-0 victory and some much-needed points and cake!

Ladies A vs HWX A - LOSS, 0 points
Our fortunes were not reversed against HWX A, a nice team against whom we usually have close battles. We beat them in the summer with three of the four matches going to championship tiebreakers. This time was no different, with another three championship tiebreakers in the four matches, but unfortunately going their way. We were very grateful to Sheila and Alice for stepping up and playing a blinder. Both were late replacements, with Alice coming in at the very last moment after our first couple were unable to make the trip. We loved playing in the beautiful sunshine under a blue sky on their blue courts and our trip over to Hereford was really fun, despite the lack of points.

Mixed B vs Boughton A - LOSS, 0 points
We were lucky to play given the wet weather we’ve been having, and Boughton A fielded a strong team. Despite the thrilling championship tiebreak that Helen and James had, and the innumerable deuces Sheila and Peter had, our team sadly didn’t get any points from this first mixed B match of the season. Lots of good rallies and all played in a very good spirit! And the sun shone!

Ladies A vs Goodrich A - LOSS, 0 points
Our first match of the winter season brought us crashing back to Earth after our glorious summer of victories galore. On an unseasonably hot and sunny October morning, on Goodrich’s sandy courts, which seem enormous when you walk onto them but then ridiculously small when you hit the ball (could it be the altitude?!), we all lost in two sets to a very determined team used to playing in Div. 2 and displaying all their nous to swat us away. Let’s hope for better things against our next opponent HWX A.

Summer 2023

CONGRATULATIONS to our Ladies A team, who were unbeaten all season to win the league and get promoted. What an amazing result 🤩

MCS Ladies B vs Boughton B - LOSS, 0 points

We went into this match as the two top teams in the league with equal points, with glory ahead for whoever won. Sadly it wasn't our day.  It was close, with two championship tie breaks, but it wasn't to be.  So Ladies B finished second in the league, in the promotion zone, so fingers crossed 🤞

MCS Ladies A vs Goodrich B - WIN, 8 points

Our final match of the season got off to a shaky start with some dastardly chip and charge tactics from the opposition, which we were unable to overcome: 1-0 down, and the heat was on. Fortunately, order was quickly restored - Jackie and Leila won their first match to give us an unassailable 52 points in our division. We subsequently hoovered up the two remaining matches to run out 8-2 winners and become H&W Div. 4 West champions with 58/60 points.

MCS Ladies B vs Boughton C - WIN, 10 points

The first drops of rain began to fall as MCS ladies B stepped out on court, and it didn’t stop until we were enjoying Kim’s delicious plum and ginger cake at the end of the afternoon. The continuous rain failed to dampen spirits on either side, and we played through it to clock up another 10-0 win!

MCS Ladies A vs Goodrich C / Ledbury B / Leominster A / HWX A 

Ladies A scythed through Goodrich C and Ledbury B without dropping a set, but we did at least give them nice cake afterwards! However, Leominster A, under a burning sky, and HWX A, in between heavy showers, put up stiff resistance and took us to several championship tiebreakers, from which we were delighted to emerge victorious (get in!). We are now on 5/5 victories and 50 points in Div. 4 West, but can we make it 60 points and 6/6 wins in our final match vs Goodrich B? Watch this space!

MCS Ladies B vs Woolhope C - WIN, 10 points

A convincing 10-0 victory over Woolhope C at home on a sunny Thursday evening. Old acquaintances were renewed as we enjoyed a light supper together afterwards. Fingers crossed we can keep up this winning streak!

MCS Mixed B vs Leominster B - LOSS, 2 points

Fierce opposition from Leominster B who fielded 2 coaches in their squad. Their first pair who have not been defeated in 8 matches were beaten by Emil and Leila in the championship tie break. Our first pair nearly beat the second strings but lost the tie break. I have never seen such high standard, hard hitting tennis on our courts. It was truly amazing. Despite an overall loss we played so well. Thanks to our 4 supporters!

MCS Ladies B vs Hereford Whitecross C - WIN, 8 points

On Saturday 19th May, the appearance of the sun in a cloudless sky boded well for the Ladies B team’s first match of the season. With some fantastic rallies they won three of their matches and emerged victorious. Then it was time for some cake and cheesy biscuits in the sunshine with the lovely visiting team.

MCS Mixed B vs Madley - LOSING DRAW, 4 points

MCS Mixed B vs Hallow - WIN, 8 points

The team has got off to a flying start with a losing draw against Madley and a good win against Hallow making us the Manchester City of the division. ( Don’t count your chickens)

MCS Mixed A vs David Lloyd Worcester - LOSS, 0 points
On Monday 15th May, it was a tough start to the season with an away match at David Lloyd Worcester. Matches were fiercely contested and enjoyed but sadly no victories were recorded. We live to fight another day!

MCS Ladies A vs Boughton Ladies A - WIN, 10 points
On Sunday 14th May, in the lovely setting of the walled garden courts at Boughton, under a hot sun and on bright blue courts, we had to deploy all our resources and tactics to get past a good strong team. After some terrific tussles and very hard-fought points, we were delighted to come away with four victories and 10 points in the bag.