23rd April 2018 Trowbridge C Away  Result 6-2 a win for Malmesbury

Our first match of the season for Chippenham and District summer league. The match was away to Trowbridge C. After all our lovely weather it was a cold and gloomy evening and no flood lights so we got off to a quick start and no time to chat between matches. We were joined by Zoe from the New Zealand who has just joined the club and she partnered up with Pete. Even though Zoe admitted she was nervous, never having played league in the Uk before after the first few games you would never have known. Zoe and Pete had a shaky start losing the first set and then nothing was going to stop them and won the second set to love and in their second match almost left their opposition bewildered to how they would get any points. Joseph and Georgina who have been partners for several years started well and easiy won their first 2 sets, particuarly from the net position.In the second match they were very quickly 3 games up only then for the opposition to fight back and getting 4 games in a row. Enough was enough and the longterm duo got back in front and went on to win that set.But with light diminishing and a lack of concentration and Trowbridge playing better than them the duo went onto lose the last set.

All in all a good result, a win for Malmesbury of 6-2. Well done team for the first match

30th APRIL SEEND Home Result 2-6 loss

Our second match didn't fair so well but the match was a lot closer than the score but they just played better on the crucial points

14th May Marshfield A  HomeDraw 4-4

A very competitive game with Marshfield putting up a strong fight and ended up in a draw21

21st May Calne A Away loss 0-8

This is a match we want to forget. Calne put out a very good team that was very consistent. Even though we played some brillain shot we weren't consisten and let the opposing team get the better of us.