Hard Courts Care and Floodlights

Simple Rules for Care of Hard Courts

We hope that you enjoy playing on these lovely new courts and would ask that you help us to look after them by:

  • Wear the correct shoes – tennis shoes or trainers i.e. soft soles that won’t damage the surface
  • Each court has a net measuring stick (clipped to one of the posts) to help you set the net to the correct height… BUT please remember to loosen the net when you finish (this takes the tension out of the nets and stops the posts from slowly being dragged inwards to point at each other – take a look from the car park at the net posts on the shale courts to see what we mean!)
  • Do not take fizzy drinks onto the courts… if there is a spillage a fizzy drink will stick to the surface. Dirt will stick as well, which over time will damage the courts' surfaces
  • Take any litter with you off the courts . We will arrange for the bin by the gate to be regularly emptied, but even if full, please don’t leave any rubbish on the court
  • If you are the last off the courts, please lock the gate with the padlock and spin the numbers so that only another member who knows the code will be able to open it

The main thing: Enjoy our new courts! And let’s all try to keep them in excellent condition… they are a facility of which our Club can be proud.


Floodlights are available for use on the 2 shale courts during the darker winter months. These are operated by the switch in the tennis hut. Only Committee members, Team Captains, Coaches and others who have received permission from the Committee for organising evening sessions are authorised to operate the floodlights.

The fees for the use of the floodlights per person per session are Adults £2, Juniors £1.

All lights must be turned off after play.