Driffield Adults Leagues 2019 - Malton teams results and league rules



 Ladies Doubles Division 1

Date Opponent Venue Result
8/5 Market Weighton A A Rain
15/5 Scalby H L 4-5
22/7 Pocklington B A W7-2
29/5 Long Riston A H W5-4
5/6 Cherry Burton A W6-3
12/6 Pocklington A H W5-4
19/6 Bye    
26/6 Market Weighton A H W7-2




Malton A 

Mens Doubles Division 2

Date Opponent Venue Result
2/5 Pocklington A H L 0-8
9/5 Beverley&ER B A Rain
16/5 Rudston A H W 5-4
23/5 Hutton Cranswick H L2-7
30/5 Sledmere A A W5-4
6/6 Beeford A H W5-4
13/6 Hackness & Scarborough A L2-7
20/6 Pocklington A A  
27/6 Beverley & ER B H W6-3



Malton B      

Mens Doubles Division 4

Date Opponent Venue Result
2/5 Beverley&ER C A L 0-9
9/5 Harpham A H W 5-4
16/5 Driffield LTC A W 6-3
23/5 Long Riston A L2-7
30/5 Bye    
6/6 Beeford B A L4-5
13/6 Scarborough C H W5-4
20/6 Beverley & ER C H L3-6
27/6 Harpham A A L3-6


Malton C 

Mens Doubles Division 6

Date Opponent Venue Result
2/5 Driffield C H W 7-2
9/5 Sledmere B A Rain
16/5 Harpham B H W 9-0
23/5 Driffield D H W 9-0
30/5 Flamborough A L 4-5
6/6 Kilham B H W9-0
13/6 Settrington A L1-8
20/6 Driffield  C A W6-3
27/6 Sledmere B H L2-7
4/7 Harpham B A W6-3
11/7 Driffield  D A W9-0
18/7 Flamborough H P
25/7 Kilham B A W8-1




Rules 1-8 cover: Name; Object; Constitution; Officers; Annual General Meeting; Application and Membership; Subscription; and Accounts.

9.         Handbook

A Handbook may be published each year containing particulars of the Committee and members of the League; the fixture lists for the year of publication, rules and other relevant information that the Committee may deem necessary and desirable.

10.       Competitions, Groups and Divisions.

All League competitions shall be open to all Members of the League and shall be divided into Divisions and Sections as the Annual General Meeting may decide.  Where reasonably practicable two teams will be promoted and two teams relegated from each division.  The assignment of teams to Divisions shall be recommended by the Committee for approval at the AGM.

11.       Matches

Each team shall play one home and one away match against every other team in its division, unless otherwise arranged, on the days and at the place appointed by the Committee between and including the first week in May and the end of July or as soon thereafter as is practicable.

If any player or players are not ready to start within a quarter of an hour of the appointed time, the opponents of that pair in the first round shall be entitled to a walk-over.  If a Club withdraws before completing its engagements, all records of matches played by and against that Club shall be deleted.

A match to be completed when one team completes eight games, the maximum number of games to be fifteen.

12.       Postponements

No club shall postpone a match for any reason other than the state of the courts due to the weather.  If postponed under these circumstances the match shall be

re-arranged by the Clubs as soon as possible.

13.       Players

Any Club may enter or have more than one team in any Section provided that a player who has played in a team in any Section shall not, in the same season, play for any other club in the same Section without permission of the Committee.  Where a Club has more than one team in a Section, persons who have played three or more times for the first team in that Section shall be deemed to be a recognised member of that team and shall not play for a second or lower team without being reinstated by the Committee.

Evening matches shall start no later than 6.30pm.

Winning team to score two points and the losing team none.

All matches shall count whether finished or not, provided that one team has won at least five rubbers out of the nine.

No score shall be accepted for matches not played by the end of August, unless played subsequently by agreement and with the permission of the Match Secretary.

14.       Results

The results of every match must be entered on the official score card.

15.       Conceding

Teams conceding matches will have two points deducted from their total for each match conceded.  The opposition will be awarded two points together with nine sets.

16.       Balls

For every match the home Club shall provide not less than four good balls for each court.  The visiting Captain to decide on the condition of these.

17.       Disputes

All differences and disputes arising out of or connected with League matches shall be settled by the Committee, unless otherwise provided in these Rules, and their decision shall be binding.

18        Penalties

For breach of these Rules and for any act, omission or practice, which in the opinion of the Committee is detrimental to the game or the best interest of the League, and for any other irregularity, the Committee may impose such penalties either by way of suspension, expulsion or deduction of points, or otherwise as it may think fit.

19.       Courts

No new club shall be eligible for membership who has not three courts within reasonable distance of each other available for play.  Fitness of the courts shall be decided by the Home Club and all questions of ceasing play on account of bad light or weather shall be decided by the visiting team.

20.       Knock-out Competition.

Each year knock-out competitions may be held as decided at the Annual General Meeting.  Members of the League may enter any number of teams but no players shall play for more than one team or one Club in such competition and must have played in the League twice that season.  The Committee shall organise the competition and fix the dates when each round shall be completed.  Teams may enter the knock-out competition who are not playing in the League, but players must be members of the League.

21.       Interpretation

Throughout these rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the masculine includes the feminine, the singular includes the plural and vice-versa.

22.       Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes to be worn at all times. No “trainer” type shoes with hard soles to be worn, even on hard courts.

Amended version:  February 2008