Club Rules

We want everyone to have fun at the tennis club, but it would be wrong for us not to have a few rules in place to safeguard the club and our members. Please familiarise yourself with the rules below before using our facilities.

Additionally, please see our Safeguarding policies here. Thank you.


Compliance with the rules of the LTA and the Association

In consideration for being able to use the facilities, all persons using these facilities agree:

  • to be bound by and subject to the rules of the Association (Tennis Shropshire) - as in force from time to time
  • to be bound by and subject to the rules and disciplinary code of the LTA (or such successor entity or entities as become(s) the governing body of the game of lawn tennis from time to time) as in force from time to time.

All persons using these facilities acknowledge that the above is intended to be enforceable by the LTA and/or the Association directly or by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999



  • Tennis courts are used at your own risk. Please ensure that you take care, especially when the courts are wet or potentially icy / slippy. Only play if you are sure that it is safe to do so
  • Please be aware that football pitches are close by and from time to time footballs are kicked into the courts. If you play when there is a risk of footballs being kicked onto the courts you are playing at your own risk
  • Please ensure that any accidents which do occur on or in the vicinity of the courts or clubhouse are entered into the accident book which is kept in the clubhouse, with details also e-mailed to the club e-mail address
  • Courts are only to be used by members, paying guests and visiting players playing in league competition and tournaments
  • Proper (non-marking) footwear must be worn. If footwear is found to be marking the courts then please stop play
  • Players should wear clothing suitable for sport / tennis
  • Court hours are from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm. Please note that we are required by Greenfields to follow this curfew to the minute
  • If others are waiting then please finish your set and allow them on to play
  • If there are more people wishing to play than courts available then please do not play singles – invite others to play doubles (even if you don’t know them) – its friendly and part of being a club!
  • Please note that ladies have priority on ladies club night and men on mens club night. Others are free to play on these nights, but only if there is court space available
  • If a match is underway then the spare court can be used. However please respect the fact that a match is being played and ensure that you do nothing that might distract the players. We would suggest that only players competent enough to generally avoid hitting stray balls onto the adjacent court should play whilst a match is underway
  • Courts are not generally bookable. However if you do wish to secure a court for a particular event e.g. an individual match then please e-mail the club address
  • Floodlight tokens are stored in a box in the wall cupboard and are available to members at £1 per token which provides 40 minutes. Please put your £’s in the Honesty Box and log the number of tokens used / sign in the Visitors Book. If you notice tokens are running low please inform Stuart Faul – Email If you intend to use the floodlights please access them via the gate at the rear of the courts which is padlocked – key is on the wooden block. Please ensure that the gate is opened in readiness for access before it starts to go dusk and locked when you have finished
  • Please take care not to over-tighten nets, and lower them at the end of play
  • No glass or alcoholic beverages should be taken onto the courts
  • No bicycles, roller blades or skate boards should be used on the courts
  • When visiting the courts please ensure that you use the car park. Cars must not be parked within the Greenfields boundary - this is in order to ensure that access is maintained for the emergency services. Cars may only be driven into Greenfields when dropping off or collecting goods, or where a driver or passenger is disabled



  • The key to the clubhouse must be stored in the keysafe and the code should not be shared with non members. The code may be changed from time to time to maintain security
  • The key to the courts and storage shed (on the wooden block) must be stored in the kitchen wall cupboard
  • Please ensure that the clubhouse and the courts are safely locked up and lights are switched off
  • Please help keep the clubhouse clean tidy and safe. Club tennis equipment should be put away in the storage shed. Please put any chairs back tidily in the clubhouse before leaving
  • Please do not place any items on the floor as this can create a trip hazard. Tennis bags should be placed considerately where there is no danger of them causing an accident
  • Please wash up any used cups mugs plates cutlery etc and put away
  • Please do not put any items of food in the bin - it could go rotten
  • If the bin is full please empty it into the bin on the other side of the fencing and replace the bin bag
  • Please take any unused drink or food home with you - do not leave in the fridge
  • Cleaning substances are stored in the lockable cupboard under the sink. The key to this is stored in the wall cupboard. If you need to access the cleaning substances please ensure the cupboard is locked immediately after and the key is immediately put back into the wall cupboard


Welfare & Child Protection

  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult whilst using the tennis courts, clubhouse and surrounding facilities. Please note this also applies to ‘junior club’ sessions run by the club
  • The club's Welfare & Child Protection Officer is Fiona Jones. Any concerns or incidents should be reported to Fiona 


General Health & Safety

  • Persons within the club who are responsible for H & S are Dave Williams and Grant Robertson. If you experience or notice any H & S issues or defects to the grounds or equipment that you deem as requiring urgent attention, please ring Dave or Grant immediately. If you cannot get hold of Dave or Grant please contact any of the other committee members
  • For any non-urgent matters please enter into the H & S / Defects book which is kept in the kitchen wall cupboard


First Aid

  • Please note there is a first aid box in the kitchen wall cupboard. This is stocked regularly but if you notice something missing or items out of date or items that may be useful but are not included in the kit please advise Amanda Williams in the first instance or any other committee member if you cannot get hold of Amanda
  • All accidents must be logged into the Accident Book which is kept in the kitchen wall cupboard


Fire Action

  • In the event of discovering a fire in the clubhouse or immediate vicinity;
  • Ensure you make people in the clubhouse, on court and the surrounding areas aware and make sure they leave immediately and tell them to report to the fire assembly point – on the main car park
  • Call the Fire Brigade – ring 999
  • Attack the fire if possible using equipment provided - but do not take risks
  • Report to the fire assembly point, wait for the fire brigade and direct them accordingly – ensure the gate into Greenfields is open
  • Call Dave / Grant / any committee member


Site Wide Footpath Lighting

  • If you are intending to play when it is dark please ensure that you switch on the lights which serve the footpaths. The lights from the site entrance gate to the football turnstiles are operated by a switch fixed to the lamppost closest to the site entrance gate / first rugby changing room. The lighting to the path between the courts and MDTFCs football pitch is operated via a high level switch at the top of the MDTFC’s turnstile
  • Please ensure all lighting is switched off if you are the last one/s to leave the site


Power Cut

  • In the event of a power cut, there is a wind up torch located in the kitchen wall cupboard. Please make sure it is returned after using


Mobile Phones

  • Please ensure that you have a charged mobile phone with you when at the club


Violence / Threats / Abuse

  • MDTC will treat seriously any allegation of improper conduct



  • Toilets are located at the end of the football club's clubhouse under the stand. Please take a torch with you if its dark
  • In addition we have the use of the football club's locked toilets at the rear of our clubhouse on the understanding that tennis club members share responsibility for the upkeep
  • The terms of use for these toilets are as follows:‚Äč
  • The keys to both toilets are stored in the kitchen wall cupboard - on back of door
  • Toilets must be locked and lights switched off once you leave the tennis club unless there is a football match being played and the toilets are being used by the football club. Please note that the football club do not open the toilets for all matches, check with an football club official if not sure
  • Please ensure that there is no rubbish left around, toilets are flushed and that floors are clear from paper towels
  • If you notice that there is no toilet paper, hand wash or paper towels (or they are running low) please make sure that you replace regardless of whether the toilets are being used by the football club at that point in time
  • Toilet paper, hand wash and paper towels are stored in the unlocked cupboard under the kitchen worktop
  • If the bin is full or close to being full please empty it into the outside bin on the other side of the fencing
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Any water on the floor must be dried up using hand towels


Guests & Visiting Players

  • Visitors, accompanied by a member, are welcome at the club and should pay the Visitor’s Fee (into the honesty box) and enter their name in the Visitor’s Book. Please note that this option is for bona fide visitors and should not be used by those playing regularly
  • The charge for playing visitors is £5 adult / £3 per child per session
  • Please note that Guests, visiting Spectators and visiting Players are also bound by the above rules. Members who are signing in guests and team captains / persons who are hosting matches or tournaments must make all non members aware that all rules apply to them too

Last update 22/03/2017