Digital Champion pilot - Taking the lead

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The LTA recently announced a four year partnership with the LTA to shape and deliver the Digital Transformation that will be fundamental to ‘Opening up tennis’ in Britain.

This means helping to remove barriers to the sport, increase participation and enable people of all backgrounds to more easily engage with the game–whether as a coach, player, venue, volunteer or fan. In a nutshell the LTA programme has two aims:

  • To streamline the number of digital properties available, improves the end-to-end user journey and offer exciting and personalised customer experiences
  • Digital Skills: To benefit and accelerate the Digital Transformation, we are placing a strong focus on digital skills, supporting the workforce, including coaches and volunteers, to upskill and feel comfortable adopting new digital practices

There are only seven clubs taking part in this national pilot and we are delighted to represent the South & South West. We have additional support from Deloitte over six key sessions to help us improve three key things that are most relevant to our club:

  • Smooth transition for new members into the club from ‘search to buying’ decision then transfer them into  activities or coaching (journey mapping and better digital experience) that support membership growth
  • Build outreach and marketing to the local community to grow awareness and support conversion to membership of use of pay and play
  • Seek to automate and minimize manual activities wherever possible to help reduce committee or supporting member volunteer time required

Our working team consists of Andrew Payne, Karen Maskell, Hilda Moore and Ian Jones. If you have views or feedback please get in touch with Andrew Payne