Member's Guests

  • Members are allowed 6 guest visits per membership year. (If you bring 3 guests at one time to play doubles that counts as 3 of your 6. )
  • No guest may visit more than 3 times per membership year (1st Apr – 31st March). Any more than the 3 times and they will need to become a member to play.  
  • Members must sign every guest on the guest sheet next to the booking sheets.
  • Guests must sign in and pay a visitor fee of £4 - BEFORE PLAYING
  • Junior members are only allowed junior guests - not adult guests 
  • Guests are your responsibility at all times and must leave the club with you
  • Any member that fails to adhere to the guest rules will firstly recieve a reminder, then have their booking rights restricted, then be suspended and finally be asked to leave the club. IN these unprecedented times we really do need to knnow who is on our courts.