Ultimate Player

What is Ultimate Player?

An inclusive programme that inspires children to be more active and focus on developing sports related skills.

Ultimate Player motivates children to do more sports. They receive online stats from an UP accredited ambassador after each session. They can then share and compare their sporting achievements among friends - all in a safe and inclusive online environment.

Ultimate Player encourages players to strive for their personal best… to become the Ultimate Player.

Is it right for my child?

Ultimate player is suitable for children aged between three and twelve. The inclusive programme is designed to work with high performers and children with learning difficulties. It covers a range of sports and has been expertly designed to ensure safety is paramount.

How it works

  1. Your child will receive an invitation to sign up from one of our UP Accredited Ambassadors
  2. Individual skills will be scored by your UP Accredited Ambassadors
  3. Performance stats will appear online after each one of your child's sessions
  4. Play along - become involved - see your child's progress and motivation increase

Is there a cost?

Ultimate Player is completely free to access and use. There's no sign-up fee or subscription.
There's no additional cost on top of any class fees you would usually pay to your coach.
Your child's progress is completely based on their effort and not connected to any purchases you make.