Newsletter February 2021

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Although we continue to be in lockdown and cannot play tennis the AGM was a positive meeting with the necessary decisions made to get the new season going when we receive the go ahead to open the courts for play.


Despite the circumstances in the past year, overall the club is in a healthy position in terms of finances, membership numbers, facilities and a sound committee:

  1. We have managed to communicate and implement the ever changing rules within the lockdown restrictions.
  2.  New notice boards have been put up outside the club house and we have purchased a ball machine with training in the use of in hand.
  3. Finances are stable with an increase in membership subscription fees
  4. The club has registered two men’s, two ladies and one mixed team in the 2021 summer league, one men’s and one ladies team in the winter league.
  5. Membership has increased by 36 in the last year with a total of 203 paid members to date. Membership fees for 2021/22 were agreed and details on this can be found later in this Newsletter. A half year membership fee was agreed to run from 1st October.

Elections of officers were agreed and are as follows:

Chair – Jane Boulter

Deputy chair – Mary Chapman

Secretary – Helen Bradshaw

Treasurer – Rob Price

Committee members:

Clare Cunningham-Hill – Membership secretary and website management

Richard Garner – Media

Helen Liggins – Match secretary


President Helen Roberts thanked Mandy Gillam and Sue Gardiner who have stepped down from the committee; Helen thanked both for their many years of hard work and devotion to the club. Both have contributed so much over the years achieving high standards of tennis, league successes and a great club atmosphere. Mandy and Sue leave the club in very good heart despite the pandemic and we hope they will continue to enjoy playing tennis at Medbourne for many more years.


Membership Fees

In the light of lost play in the current membership year the committee has proposed a 20% reduction in fees for adult and family members renewing their membership. Country and junior fees will remain the same as this year. This was passed at the AGM.

New members in the adult and family categories will pay the full fee as it stands.

It is important for existing members to understand that the reduction in fees is just for this coming year and the fees will go back up the following year and may even go up more depending on the financial situation at the end of this coming year.

Membership Fees for 2021/22

Renewal fees:

Adult £76.00 (£10.00 deduction if paid before 31st March = £66.00)

Family £128.00 (£10.00 deduction if paid before 31st March = £118.00

Country £45.00

Junior 12-18 £30.00

Junior U11 £25.00

New member fees:

Adult £95.00 (£10.00 reduction if paid before 31st March = £85.00)

Family £160.00 (£10 reduction if paid before 31st March = £150.00)

Country and junior fees remain as above for new members.


Message from Jane Boulter and Mary Chapman, our new chair and deputy chair:-

 Both Jane and I would like to reiterate Helen Roberts’ message of thanks to Mandy and Sue, both of whom have contributed so much to the club in such a positive way. Fortunately both Mandy and Sue will still be members of the club and I am sure they will happily offer any support that may be required in our new roles as chair and deputy chair.  We would also like to give a special thanks to Clare for all her hard work. Clare quietly gets on with a lot of behind the scenes work, and her hard work is very much appreciated.

 We would like to welcome onto the committee Helen Liggins, and I’m sure she will be a valuable member. I’m pleased to say Helen will continue to be match secretary; we all appreciate how organised and inclusive she is. Helen Bradshaw has kindly agreed to be the club secretary and I’m sure she will be excellent in this role. I would like to thank Sue for the smooth handover of this role and the support she has given to Helen. Thanks also to Richard and Rob for continuing their current roles on the committee.

 As a committee we want the club to continue to thrive, we want everyone to enjoy playing tennis, meeting new people and, importantly, to be known as a friendly welcoming club to new members and teams that we meet during our league matches.

 Jane and I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this difficult time. We look forward to being able to play tennis again and socialise on a mix-in on a Wednesday morning and Thursday evening club night. In the meantime if you have any suggestions, ideas or any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.