Coronavirus communication

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Medbourne Tennis Club                                

Coronavirus communication to members 18th March 2020

Medbourne Tennis Club committee have reviewed the latest Government and LTA advice, with the regard to the strategy to manage Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the UK

Clearly we take this situation extremely seriously and wish to do everything we possibly can to protect both the health of our Members and keep our Club open, in order for this to happen the following must be in place:

  1. Unless we receive advice from the LTA to the contrary the tennis courts will remain open so that Members can continue to enjoy playing sport and keeping fit.
  2. There will be no social activities following play, so no use of the bar or catering facilities
  3. Tournaments and other events will not take place until we have been given the all clear to do
  4. Access to the club house will be as usual unless we are advised by the Sports club of anything different. The outside toilet will remain available and should be used for hand washing.
  5. Members should consider hygiene when playing, so use wipes to clean the padlock and handles to the court gates and likewise the key and cabinet side of the notice board each time after use
  6. Coaching for juniors will continue as normal for the time being but will be reviewed when schools are closed
  7. Coaching will continue for adults will continue as normal until advised otherwise

Please remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitisers both on entering and before leaving the club and before and after using the padlocks and gate handles. We also recommend:

  1. Washing hands after playing tennis or handling the tennis balls
  2. Older or retired players may choose to use the club at less busy times
  3. No handshakes/ hugs/ high 5’s, maintain personal distance at all times (2-3 metres is recommended)

Anybody with suspected signs of or direct contact with Covid-19 should not attend the club and should self-isolate.

This is all based on the latest guidance from the LTA and we will keep you updated when we receive further advice or more stringent measures.



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