Finals Day 2019

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What a perfect day for our Club Championships Finals Day on 7 September! Huge thank you to referee Will for organising the draw, as well as the overall running of this year’s championship, and to all players, members, families and friends who came along to support on the day. Results were as follows:
Men’s Champion: Patrick Barbour
Runner Up: Craig Thomas

Men’s Plate: Ian Laidlaw
Runner Up: Keith Wylde
Ladies Champion: Sophie MacBrayne
Runner Up: Dawn MacBrayne

Ladies Plate: Alison Moore
Runner Up: Leonie Kalkreuter-Walshe

Men’s Doubles Champs: Bill Fleming & Dara Walshe 
Runners Up: Ian Reilly & Michael Green

Ladies Doubles Champs: Britta Kalkreuter & Hilary Jackson 
Runners Up: Sophie MacBrayne & Lorna Hutchinson 

Mixed Doubles Champs: Brenda Lumley & Ian Reilly
Runners Up: Britta Kalkreuter & Craig Mooney