How to...?

Log on to Clubspark

-If you are new to Clubspark and have not yet registered, contact and request an invite
- You will be sent an email with a link to click on to register for your Clubspark account
- It is important to register through the email link rather than direct to ensure any memberships set up for you, your junior or your family are attached to your registered account

- Once you are registered you can log on through
- Click on the 'little person' icon at the top right of the screen and choose 'sign in'
- Insert your email address and password here or you can log in using your LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft account if that is what you initially registered with
- If you have forgotten your password, follow the forgotten password link

- On entry, you should be taken to your profile page (unless you are the main contact of a family grouping where you will need to 'choose user' at the top right of the screen)
- Here you can check your profile (please do regularly to ensure we have the correct details for you/your junior/your family. Medical notes being particularly important), manage court bookings and see your membership packages and check they are flagged as 'Paid'


Take Out or Renew Memberships

If you are new to the club and would like a tour or to take out membership please contact Ros and Gillian on in the first instance.

If you are a 2017 member and would like to renew your membership for the current year then please do the following:

You will be emailed in March to remind you it is time to renew
- log in to Clubspark and head to the Memberships page
- once your appropriate package is available, click on the 'join now' button
- Individual adult, student, intermediate memberships are straight forward
- If you are buying for junior (not family) membership, the membership must be bought through the 'connected adult's' account rather than through the junior's log in.  This is a Clubspark regulation for child protection and legal contract purposes
- If purchasing a family membership, it must be bought through an adult's account. You will be asked 'who is in this membership group?'. Tick the appropriate members and if the correct members are not named, you can add additional members here
- set up your payment (BACS preferred : 80-02-88, 00774923)
- check your profile details are up-to-date
- log back in a few days later to check your membership is showing as PAID - this is confirmation of receipt of your payment


Book Courts

Our booking system is now on Clubspark.  You can book courts either through your profile page or directly through the 'Booking' tab.  If you are the main contact for a family, you can change user by clicking on the name at the top right of the screen and book for whichever member you prefer.

To book :
- choose the correct date using the diary tab
- click on the court and the time you would like to play
- it automatically assumes a 30 minute booking so change to the time of your choice (maximum 1.5hrs) and press 'book now'
- you can manage your bookings through your profile tab which lists all your booking

- to cancel a court (please do if you cannot make it in order for someone else to be able to play), you can either do it through 'manage your bookings' within your profile or go to the 'bookings' tab and click on your booking where you will be given the option to cancel your booking

- We currently have as a maximum 3 bookings per member in any 7 days whether is is for 30 minutes or one hour and 30 minutes



Book Coaching

- Log in to Clubspark and go to the 'Coaching' tab
- Read the coaching rules and regulations
- Either search for a specific class or scroll through the class options
- If paying by debit/credit card, click on your class choice then click on 'Book your place' in the blue circle (unless the class is full)
- You will be asked 'Who would you like to attend'.  If you are an individual membership then your name should show here for you to tick.  If you are booking for a junior member, you must book through the connected adult/family adult account rather than the junior's (for child protection and legal contract purposes). If your junior's name does not show here then you may need to 'add player' and complete their details.  You can add a number of other players here and you should only ever need to do it once.
- Tick on the name(s) of the player(s) taking part in the coaching, tick on the terms & conditions (having read them of course...) and then click on 'Pay now' and enter your card details
- If paying by BACS or cheque, email the name(s) of the attendee(s) plus the class(es) they wish to attend to and cc.  Payment should then be made direct to Jimmy at the bank account or address shown on the 'coaching' tab above.  Please ensure payment is made in advance of the class commencing.