Floodlights @ Midhurst Tennis Club


How to work the floodlights:

The floodlights operate on a TOKEN* system, £4 each. Payment can be made by BACS or cash.

Put the token into the slot in the right side side of one of the boxes in the clubhouse. 

1 token + 1 hour. Consecutively fed tokens increases the time that they are available.

Organised club tennis, coaching and matches do not require tokens – the lights will be switched on by a committee member or team captain.

Please note you cannot switch the lights off within the hour. (The only way to switch them off before the hour is up is with an over-ride key, which committee members and captains have access to).

However, you will need tokens if you want to arrange a game. These are available from a committee member at the club 

OR Alex carries a few

OR from Andy at THE CRAFTY PINT, West Street, Midhurst during shop hours Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm www.thecraftypintshop.co.uk


What hours are the lights available?

You can operate them any time between 12.00 noon and 10.00pm. The lights will go off automatically at 10.00pm and there is no refund of part-used tokens.

An orange light on one of the middle masts will flash 5 minutes before the lights go off at the end of the hour. Also, one light will stay on for five minutes after all the others to get off court safely. The club has limited winter lighting so a hand torch is advised.

How much do tokens cost? 

Tokens are £4.00 each.