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League matches:  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Middlesex Tennis have confirmed that both Winter and Summer League Competitions are cancelled, and no more matches will be played. 26 Mar 2020

Club membership renewal:  Our  Membership Secretary Nigel Fox and Treasurer Mike Lee have received a total of 198 renewals - 148 adults and 50 juniors. Thank you to these members who have renewed. However, if you are intending to renew and are able to do so please send in your form as soon as possible as we still have a waiting list for the remaining places. If the courts are unavailable beyond April we will offer proportionate refunds or a discount of next year's membership. 21 Apr 2020

American Tournament: Mary Dinwoodie and Angela Attrill have kindly offered to run an American Tournament on Sunday 7 June.  The tournament will ideally need 24 players and there will be more information nearer the time. 12 Feb 2020

Extra Club Session on Spring Bank Holiday: There will be an extra club session on Monday 25 May from 2:30pm to 6:00pm on three courts. 12 Feb 2020

Tennis in the Future:  We look forward to sending more good news re the re-opening of the tennis club before too long. The indications are that we will be able to play again but as all of you will have realised, our playing and use of the club in the future, will not be exactly as before.  We have been working on a plan as to how we can open up the club, so that there is fair access  to all members and once we have heard the government recommendations and the guidelines from the LTA plus the recommendations from the North Bank Estate we will email again with a plan. Whatever plan we come up with initially, may well have to be modified over time, as it will be a matter of seeing how things work out. In the meantime, keep well and safe and look forward to the day when we will see each other again, at a distance, at the club. 9 May 2020

Coronavirus advice:  We hope you are all safe and well during these difficult times. As expected, the LTA did confirm that all tennis venues must close and all courts must be placed out of action.  Thank you very much to the members who have already renewed their membership. If the closure of the courts continues beyond the end of April, we will offer everyone the choice of a pro-rata refund or a larger credit towards next year's membership.  If you haven't already renewed your membership, we need you to do so because we need to know precisely how many members we have, so that we can deal with the waiting list.  If anyone is in financial difficulty because of the current situation, we can agree to stage payments, but we will need an initial payment to secure your place for the year.  And of course we will offer everyone the choice of a refund this year or credit for next year in the case of an extended closure of the Club.  The Membership Secretary will be emailing those of you this week who haven't renewed with the details.  25 Mar 2020

Work on the grass bank: When the path behind courts 2 and 3 was widened in June, it left a steep drop from the grass bank.  The club decided that in the interest of safety, the drop should be replaced by a gradual slope down to the path.  Work to have this done has been carried out.  Soil was sliced off the bank and removed to another part of the estate and the area has been raked and reseeded. It will take a while for the grass to emerge but it should look good come the spring. 5 Nov 2019

Clubhouse Heaters: The heater in the main room of the clubhouse has been left on all night which is wasteful and dangerous.  Especially while Joe is away but also in general we would ask club members to please remember to turn the dial on all of the heaters that have been used, down to the frost setting, if they are the last to leave the clubhouse, day or night. 12 Feb 2020

Wimbledon Ballot: will be held in the clubhouse on Tuesday 28 April at 7:30pm.  We have been allocated 27 pairs of tickets for the Wimbledon Championships, including tickets for both the men's and women's finals. Click here >> for all the details.  5 Mar 2020

7 game rule for busy weekend club sessions: As the club sessions are now so popular, we have introduced a 7 game rule at busy times.  This means:
When all the courts are in use and there are 8 or more people waiting, we’ll change to just playing 7 games.  In exceptional circumstances a committee member may use their judgement to introduce it earlier.
The rule applies both to people about to go onto court AND sets currently in play.  So if you are on court when the change is applied and you are already over 7 games, it means your set ends.  
The 7 game rule carries on until the numbers of people waiting reduces and a committee member rescinds the rule - at which point we revert to normal sets. 13 Jun 2019

Quiz Night at the Pavilion:  We now have enough teams  for the quiz to go ahead, as planned. However, we would welcome another table or two if anyone finds they are able to come. The cost for the quiz and food is £7 per person and we would ask you to arrive from 7:30pm ready for a start to the quiz at 8:00pm. The quiz will be in two parts with a buffet supper between the two parts.  The venue is The Pavilion Sports & Café, Albert Road Recreation Ground, Wood Green, N22 7XL. If you have the evening free please come and support this club event. Please email Michele Freedman [email protected] or add your name to the list on the notice board. 7 Nov 2019

Clubhouse keys: If you have keys to the clubhouse, please bring them with you if you have a court booking, as in winter, we cannot guarantee that the clubhouse will be open. If you don't have keys, you can borrow a set from Joe to make a copy.  5 Dec 2019

MHMLTC member secures $200k tennis scholarship in USA: Click here >> to find out who. 25 May 2019

AGM 2020:  Our AGM will be on Friday 13 March  at The Pavilion, Albert Road Recreation Ground, Durnsford Road, N22 7XL.  The meeting will start promptly at 8:00pm.  For those who haven't been to a club AGM before, we start with the formal part of the meeting, which is normally not too long and then we provide a buffet supper and hope that members will stay on to socialise. Please see the notice board for more information and please add your name to the list if you are able to attend, or email Lorraine.  The current committee has agreed to continue in their respective roles for the coming year.  Under our new constitution, if a club member would like to stand for election to the committee against a standing member, they need to request a nomination form from the Club Secretary and return the completed form to the Secretary by 14 February. 23 Jan 2020

Payments for floodlights: The coin boxes accept only current pound coins: please don't try to feed in any other coins. If Joe has opened the coin boxes for you to make payment for the floodlights, please don't put in out-of-date or foreign coins. 5 Dec 2019

Club Tournament 2019:  The club tournament finals were held on Saturday 21 September and the results are here >> .  The sun shone all day and a delicious tea was served to players and spectators. The winner of the Joe O'Brien Cup for special services to the club is James Entwisle.  Photos of the finals are here >> 21 Sep 2019

Half-term coaching for juniors - 21, 22, 23 October
4-9 years
 (mini-tennis): 9:30am to 12:30pm. Run by LDNTennis. Fee £15 per day or £40 for all 3. Book via the website
9-11 years: 10:30am to 12noon with Joe. Fee: £14 per day, £26 for two days or £37 for three days. Book direct with Joe Anan.
12-16 years: 12:15pm to 2pm with Joe. Fee: £14 per day, £26 for two days or £37 for three days. Book direct with Joe Anan. 26 Sep 2019

More midweek adult group coaching sessions: Please click here >> for details of courses with Angie Dean.  4 Aug 2019

Junior Coaching with Joe Anan and LDNTennis: Please click here >> for full details.  4 Aug 2019

Tea for the residents of the Paddock and another Wooden Racket Tournament: On Sunday 1 September our neighbours, the residents of the Paddock, have accepted our invitation to tea. The timetable for the afternoon will be as follows: Club Session from 2:00 pm to 4:00pm, the tea for the residents between 3:30pm and 4:00pm and from 4:00pm onwards there will be a Wooden Racket Tournament. 12 Aug 2019

Skills and Drills: On  Sunday 25 August from 2:30 to 3:30 pm, Tim Brennan will be taking this session with the theme of 'The Three Secrets to Highly Consistent Strokes'. The session is available for all members of club standard. 4 Aug 2019

Tea in the clubhouse: On Sunday 25 August there will be a tea in the clubhouse at 4:00pm prepared by Mary Dinwoodie. 12 Aug 2019

100 years anniversary party:  Members past and present celebrated 100 years of our club with a fantastic party.  Sylvia Hines took some brilliant photos which can be seen  here >> 8 Jun 2019

Wooden rackets American tournament and BBQ: To continue the Muswell Hill Centenary Celebrations, the next event will be held on Sunday 14 July. The normal Club Session will run from 2:00pm to  4:00pm, and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm we will hold a Wooden Racket Tournament vintage 1919.  Don your best green flash pumps, ankle length skirts optional and test your skills at hitting a tiny sweet spot! Based on numbers, there will be a formula to ensure everyone who wants a game gets a game and prizes for the winners. Those less adventurous will have the Wimbledon men’s final to watch in the clubhouse! There will be a BBQ (or suitable refreshments weather dependent) from 4:30pm onwards, provided by the club. Family members are welcome. To sign up online, click here >> for a new doodle now that the date is decided. To help numbers for the tournament and the food, please fill it in. Claire will be collecting rackets between now and the 14th (please leave with Joe in the clubhouse or email [email protected]). We think we have tracked down 9 rackets so far, so keep rummaging! 11 Jun 2019

Parking Permits:  Please attach your 2019/20 purple permit to your windscreen. 23 Apr 2019

Skills and Drills: On  Saturday 13 July from 2:30 to 3:30 pm, Tim Brennan will be taking this session with the theme of 'Volleying from all parts of the court'. The session is available for all members of club standard. 24 Jun 2019

Lost Property: The lost property basket is full again and in addition we have many pairs of glasses and reusable water bottles. Any lost property not claimed by Saturday 13 July will be given to a charity shop or in the case of the water bottles disposed of.  24 Jun 2019

Widening of path behind the courts:  The path behind Courts 2 and 3 which leads to Court 4 is being widened to allow better access.  This is more important now than in the past because Court 4 gets so much more use.  The work will be carried out from Tuesday 11 June to Saturday 15 June inclusive. They will work from 8am till 3.30pm. All the courts will still be in use during the work but the gate to Court 3 will not be available.  To get to Court 4 it will be necessary to walk over the grass at the top.  4 Jun 2019

Celebration of 100 years of MHMLTC: On Saturday 8 June we are throwing a party to mark 100 years of the club. The venue will be The Pavilion.  The party will start at 7:30pm with a celebratory drink and canapés, accompanied by live background music.  This will be followed by a buffet supper at 8:15 and at 9:00, after a few short speeches, there will be a demonstration of 1920s dances, followed by the opportunity to dance for those who wish to.  Michele Freedman, Lorraine Fox, Mike Lee and Ian Jeffries are now selling tickets which are £15 per person.  20 Mar 2019

New midweek adult group coaching sessions: There are two new midweek adult group coaching sessions on Tuesday mornings, which started on Tuesday 23 April for six weeks:  23 & 30 April, 7,14, & 21 May and 4 June. The coach for these sessions is Angie Dean. The session from 10am to 11am is Tennis Express for Beginners and Returners, and from 11am to noon for Improvers and Club-standard players. Each course costs £60 for six weeks. You can sign up for the courses by following the link here>>  27 Mar 2019

The History of Tennis - a taster in Real Tennis!: A social event, hosted by Chris Bray, Professional Real Tennis coach at Middlesex University Real tennis centre has invited MHM members and family to learn more about the history of lawn tennis. He’ll explain the reason for the irregular court, the hand stitched ball, the a-symmetrical rackets and the chess like scoring system which all evolved into the game we know and love. See more here >>. He’ll play a short exhibition match with the other pro and then offer us a taster into Real Tennis. Refreshments provided and only a small donation of perhaps £5 each to cover costs, depending on numbers. Please indicate on the Doodle here>>  your preferred dates so we can make this part of our Centenary Celebrations!  10 May 2019

Court 4 bookings:  It is now possible to book Court 4 at times that were previously reserved for the North Bank Estate. Court 4 is still a shared resource with the estate, but for a trial period we have removed the restrictions on booking for both parties: club members and the estate can now book with equal priority at any time when the court is not being used for priority events such as coaching or club sessions; estate users are not able to book Courts 1 to 3. We are reviewing this arrangement in summer 2019 when there is more demand from the estate to ensure that they can get fair access to the court. 21 Nov 2018

Wimbledon Ballot: On Thursday 2 May at 7:30 pm prompt in the Clubhouse. Members who have opted into the Wimbledon Ballot should by now have received information about the ballot and a list of the 27 pairs of tickets we have been allocated.  Please be at the clubhouse by 7:15 pm, armed with your prioritised list of dates.  If you cannot attend in person, you may send a family member or friend as a proxy, who need not be a club member. In the event that neither option is possible, Ian Jeffries, as a Ballot Administrator, will act as a proxy if you send him your ticket preferences - email: [email protected] 20 Mar 2019

Club Tournament: Thanks to all who played in, and assisted in running, a very successful Finals Weekend.  Please click on Teams at the top of the page and then on Club Tournament for all the results, photos and a fun slideshow. 16 Sep 2018

The Paddock for tea: We have invited the residents and staff of The Paddock, the retirement flats behind the tennis club, for tea in our clubhouse on Sunday 2 September at 4pm. 20 Aug 2018

One day ladies singles club tournament: On Sunday 22 July from 11am to 2:30pm (possibly 3:30pm). We have had no entries for the past few years to the club tournament and so this is a different approach to find a home for one of the most prestigious trophies in our cabinet!  It will be a one day ladies singles club tournament. The tournament will use a handicapped scoring system i.e. stronger players start at a score disadvantage and vice versa. Handicapping balances everyone out and we ran something at the Pavilion and it worked really well. Joe helps with assigning your handicap and his decision can be disputed all you like but it's only a bit of fun after all! Last time the handicapping worked very well and did level the playing field and give opportunities for people to mix and play against people they may not always encounter. Those who were bold enough to sign up last time will remember it was first to 10 points and the fixtures were pulled out of a hat. To help with the complex scoring e.g. a -4 player v a + 3 player, each match had a scorer.  So ideally we need at least 12 people to take part to make it fun. Over to you! We have an excellent group of ladies at the club and those who took part last time said it was fun. We'll have some refreshments when it's all over bar the shouting. Please let Claire U know if you would like to take part. 8 Jun 2018