Wimbledon ballot 2020

The Club receives an allocation of pairs of tickets for the championships, usually for Centre, No 1, No 2 & No 3 Courts, based on the numbers of Club members who are also members of British Tennis and who opt in to the Wimbledon Ballot by the cut-off date of 14 February 2020.

Adult and junior members aged 11 or over who were members in the 2019/20 membership year, and who were also members of British Tennis, with their membership linked to the club, and who had opted-in to the Wimbledon Ballot before the cut-off date, will be entered into the 2020 ballot, provided that they have completed their membership renewal and paid their 2020/21 membership subscription by Sunday 26 April 2020.

Junior members must gain the permission of their parent/guardian to enter. 

The full detail of dates and prices of our 2020 allocation of tickets will be publshed here when they are available, usually in mid March. 

The ballot will be held in the Clubhouse on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 7:30pm prompt; please arrive by 7:20pm.

Everyone who has opted in and met the criteria above will automatically be entered into the ballot.  However, because winners need quickly to choose the tickets they want from those remaining, we urge all members to attend the ballot in person, having already decided which tickets/dates you can use, or send a family member or friend as a proxy, who need not be a club member. In the event that neither option is possible, Ian Jeffries, as a Ballot Administrator, will act as a proxy if you send him your ticket preferences at ballot@muswellhilltennis.com

The club will register the ballot results with the LTA within 24 hours, and the LTA will then email the winning members requesting them to pay for their tickets online or by phone. Winners have 14 days to make payment, but we would ask all members to pay as promptly as possible.

If a member finds they cannot use the tickets before payment, they can decline them, which results in the tickets being returned to the club and allows us to reallocate the tickets to a ballot reserve. If a member finds they cannot use the tickets once purchased, they have to return them to the LTA for a refund and the tickets are lost to the club.

Winning members may  be required to provide the names of both users of the tickets, and sign a disclaimer to meet LTA security requirements. Whilst the first ticket must be used only by the winning Club member, they may take a guest who is not a member.

At the time of visiting the championships, junior members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and be supervised appropriately.