Get To Know Coach Jonathan Lindner

Jonathan Lindner is a LTA Level 3 Accredited coach. 

He loves tennis: playing, watching, following, supporting, coaching... His grandmother took him to Wimbledon when he was eight years old and he's been hooked ever since, even celebrating his stag night in the Wimbledon queue! 

He's been a driving instructor, a primary school teacher and, since 2016, a tennis coach. He now does a bit of all three! He particularly loves introducing new people to tennis and helping them to improve and enjoy the sport even more. 

Jonathan, who is married with five children (who all enjoy tennis), is a Canary fan, rides a unicycle and plays pickleball too!

Sign up  for his junior group coaching. Speak to him if you wish to have an individual lesson. 

Email Jonathan or call him on 07984 495 868.