Terms & Conditions

PROGRAMME DATES - Our coaching programme for 2019 will operate for 44 weeks

Weeks when Programme not running: 18th February - 1 week; 15th April - 1 week; 10th June - 1 week; 19th August 2 weeks; 28th October -1 week; 23rd December - 2 weeks

COSTS - Costs quoted per month are for 1 session per week when the programme is running. If you would like to attend 2 or 3 sessions per week the cost varies accordingly.

MEMBERSHIP - All prices quoted are for members of The Northern Lawn Tennis Club. Non-members are welcome to attend. We will create an additional 'Tennis & Squash Coaching Membership of £10.00 per month per session to access the companies coaching programme for the allocated period.

ADULT NON-MEMBERS - Players can try the adult coaching programme for the usual monthly coaching fee plus £10.00 per month 'Coaching Access Fee' for a maximum period of 2 months before a full membership must be taken.

PAYMENT TERMS - You will see that most groups are payable monthly. Payment will be taken from your account on or around the first of the month. 

GO-CARDLESS - When you join online you will be taken to a highly regulated financial collection company called GoCardless. We do not have access to your bank details as they will be held securely by GoCardless.

VALUE FOR MONEY - Our programme is designed with options for all levels on various days. This means that you are able to attend another day on a particular week  

NOTICE PERIOD - We kindly ask that you give us 1 full  monthly payment notice. Payments are taken on the 1st of each. Therefore, you need to cancel before the 1st of a month, to stop payment for the following 1st of a month. This allows us to offer your place to other members. ie. you cancel 21st March, we will take payment on 1st April, payments would stop from May onwards.

CANCELLATIONS - To cancel you must contact Lin our rackets administrator by email, phone or in person. She will action the cancellation.

REFUNDS - We do not offer refunds. This is because all players will have the option to access other sessions to catch-up.

INJURY - If you are unable to attend sessions due to injury you can cancel your payment from the next payment due. Your space can be held and payment re-started when you are ready to return.

JOINING MID-MONTH - If you join the programme in the middle of a month your payment will be set-up starting the following month. We will then request a part-payment for that month from the GoCardless payment system.

BAD WEATHER - We have calculated payments based on 40 weeks. By running the programme for 44 weeks you are getting 4 additional sessions per year for bad weather. If more than 4 sessions are cancelled please attend another day as outlined in 'value for money'

JUNIOR STRUCTURE - Our junior programme operates on age group tiers: Tots U4, Mini U9, Junior U12 & Club U18. Age is a guideline and players may be asked to attend an older age group by a coach based on an individual players needs.

JUNIOR SUPERVISION - Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times unless under the supervision of a club coach.

ADULT STRUCTURE - We have created a 3 tier structure: Intro for starters and less confident players, Club for members confident to serve and play with other members & Advance for our top club players. Please self-assess your own level and our coaching team with speak with you if they feel you are in the wrong tier.

NUMBERS - We are comitted to running as many sessions as possible. We do reserve the right to cancel certain days / sessions and offer you an alternative day when numbers are low or another factor affects this decision.

DISCOUNTS - We do not currently offer any discounts. We believe moving to a monthly payment system has made the financial committment easier to manage for parents. Especially families with multiple children or attending more sessions per week.


Terms & Conditions are currently under review and will be updated as appropriate