2019 Club Championships Results

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With wall to wall sunshine throughout the whole day, an amazing selection of food and drink and super tennis to watch, it was a wonderful day enjoyed by players and spectators alike!


Congratulations to all the finalists and winners who were as follows:

Ladies Singles Winner - Emma Maitland

Ladies Singles Runner Up - Pippa Graham

Ladies Singles Plate Winner - Rachel Hosking

Ladies Singles Plate Runner Up - Debi Morisot

Mens Singles Winner - Tim Ball

Mens Singles Runner Up - Steve Higham

Mens Singles Plate Winner - Jeremy Prosser

Mens Singles Plate Runner Up - Adrian McDonagh

Mixed Doubles Winners - Tim Ball and Emma Maitland

Mixed Doubles Runners Up - Stephen Bateson & Jill Bradford

Mixed Doubles Plate Winners - Nick Hardy & Jacqui Thorn

Mixed Doubles Plate Runners Up - Chris Chapman & Jacqui Taverner

Ladies Doubles Winners - Jill Bradford & Emma Maitland

Ladies Doubles Runners Up - Nicola Norbury & Jacqui Thorn

Ladies Doubles Plate Winners - Ruth Ayling & Pippa Graham

Ladies Doubles Plate Runners Up - Liz Barr & Jacqui Taverner

Mens Doubles Winners - Ian Dunkley & Stephen Bateson

Mens Doubles Runners Up - Nigel Willard & Jim Rawlings

Mens Doubles Plate Winners - Stuart Ayling & Ben Hutchinson

Mens Doubles Plate Runners Up - Tim Bedward & Tony Smith