Orchard Lawn Tennis Club's Record-breaking Quiz Night Success!

Orchard Lawn Tennis Club hosted a memorable event on the 3rd of February, as we welcomed a record-breaking number of participants to their highly anticipated quiz night. With an impressive turnout of 95 individuals spread across 12 teams, this event marked a new milestone, surpassing the previous record of 91 attendees.

One of the highlights of the evening was the penultimate 'wipe out' round, which proved to be particularly exhilarating. With only four teams remaining until the final question, tension filled the air, leading to an electrifying finish. The dynamic nature of this round saw numerous shifts in team rankings, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Ultimately, it was the 'Modelled, Reluctant and Jet Lagged' team who emerged victorious, securing their place at the top with a commanding seven-point lead. Their impressive performance throughout the night earned them the well-deserved title of champions.

Not far behind were the 'Dellcott Dazzlers,' representing one of the Dellcott Pickleball teams, who clinched the runner-up position with a narrow lead of 1.5 points over the third-placed team, 'The Faithfuls.' 

Massive thanks to Elspeth and Pete for another hugely successful night!