Membership Date for 2019/20 Season - Renew/Sign up from 1st April!!

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Dear Orchard Tennis Club Member,


The committee recognise that we have not communicated with you regarding membership for the 2019/2020 season...there is a reason for some of you may be aware we are currently developing the brand new Orchard Tennis Club Website!  


The new website is intended as the “Go To” place for all things Orchard LTC including paying your membership fees and filling out your membership form!  The committee are really excited for this progressive change for the club and we hope that this will improve the membership process for both you and the committee.  The new website will replace the current website and more details of web address are to follow on the 1st of April - be looking out for your membership sign up email!


As you can appreciate there is a lot of development work associated with a new website that has been picked up by a small sub group of the committee.  This sub group has been working tirelessly to ensure the payment module is ready for the beginning of April.  We do ask that you bare with us during this transition.  The site has been pulled together by volunteers and we are well aware that things may not run 100 percent smoothly in the first year.


Some key dates for your diary:

1st of April - Launch of the new website and new membership/payment module.  You can pay your membership fees for the 2019/2020 season from this date (Fees have been held at last years rates).  

6th and 7th of April - We will be holding a membership sign up helpdesk in the clubhouse from 10am until 4pm if you are struggling to get signed up.  Please feel free to drop in!

15th of April - End of the early sign up discount.  There will be no discretion for late payment of fees.  If fees are not paid by midnight members will pay the full membership fee - so sign up as early as possible!


The committee would highly recommend that you pay your membership fees and fill in your membership form via the new payment module as this makes administration of your membership much easier.  If you feel you are unable to do this we will still accept hard copy membership forms this year.  These will be available in the clubhouse from the 1st of April.  


Please note:  we will no longer be accepting cash as a payment method.  Cash is extremely difficult to trace and makes administration for the committee much more difficult.  If you are completing a hard copy membership form we ask that you pay via cheque or via bank transfer with a reference of the name that is on the membership form.  Details are on the membership form.


More details on how to fill in your membership form and make your payment will be sent over via email on the 1st of April.  We will also provide a “How to” guide that should aid you in paying your membership fees.


Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you at the club in the 2019/2020 season.



Orchard Tennis Club