Orchard Quiz Night 2023

An excellent evening Saturday 25th February when, after a three year gap, a record attendance of 89 people in 12 teams took part in the annual Orchard quiz in St Francis Church Hall.  The new quiz master - Pete Gooden – was superb with a wide range of questions pitched brilliantly for our members and guests.

There were seven rounds in the quiz, plus a final high stakes “knock out” round.   Ultimately, there were only forty points between the first and the last teams!

The top three teams were:

  1. Team “Could you repeat the question?” with 86 points. They were consistently strong in all rounds and achieved full points on their Joker round.
  2. Team “Smash” with 80 points and a brave last round when they moved up from third place to steal second.
  3. Team “Norfolk and Way” with 76.5 points.  They were lying in second place before the final “knock out” round but played it too safe and were overtaken by “Smash”.

An excellent night with takeaway food, nibbles and beverages to sustain us through the quiz and the raffle.  Many thanks to our organiser, Elspeth Heywood, to the people who assisted in the raffle by donating prizes or by selling tickets and, of course, to Pete Gooden, our excellent quiz master.