Ladies Draw

Group 1 Jo Porter and Camilla Sherwin   Semi Final Tournament Final 
Group 1 Tori Coombe and Louise Haidar   Winner G1 V HB and CT 9 September 2017
Group 1 Gill Stewart and Lisa Jinks   Winner G3 V SA and KR  
Group 2 Hilary Baseley and Chris Thompson   Plate  
Group 2 Alex Baird and Camilla Lanni   Runner up G1 V AB and CL  
Group 2 Janet Cracknell and Jane Cummins   Runner up G3 V Runner up G4  
Group 3 Claire Spencer and Emma Marshall      
Group 3 Gill Kingston and Agnes Watson      
Group 3 Megan Smedley and Dibs Drewett      
Group 4 Lucy Alcorn and Lou Mardon      
Group 4 Sarah Ashby and Kate Reynold      
Group 4 Rachael Wooddisse and Lizzie Fletcher