Mixed Doubles

Group 1 Chris Thompson and Jason Atkinson Tournament Quarter Final Tournament Semi Final Final 9th September 2017 
Group 1 Kate Whight and Richard Koczwara 1) CT and JA V        JP and JW Winner QF1 V Winner QF2  
Group 1 Jane Cummings and Oliver Nicholson 2) Winner G3 V Winner G4 Winner QF 3 V Winner QF4  
Group 2 Jo Porter and John Whight 3) Winner G5 V     LH and KBM    
Group 2 Agnes Watson and Stephen Lewins 4) Winner G7 V    HB and RP    
Group 2 Kate Reynolds and Charlie Reynolds Plate Quarter Final Plate Semi Final  
Group 3 Tori Coombe and Charles Cornford 5) KW and RK V Runner up G2 Winner QF 5 V Winner QF 6  
Group 3 Emma Marshall and Laurence Marshall 6) Runner up G3 V Runner up G4 Winner QF 7 V Winner QF 8  
Group 3 Helen Wells and Matt Coombe 7) Runner up G5 V Runner up G6    
Group 4 Claire Spencer and Tom Spencer 8) Runner up G7 V MS and DJ    
Group 4 Gill Kingston and Sam Gallant      
Group 4 Janet Cracknell and Richard Barrington      
Group 5 Lisa Jinks and Martin Jinks      
Group 5 Sarah Ashby and Mike Ashby      
Group 5 Jenny Wiggins and Quentin MacDougall      
Group 6 Alex Baird and Mike Fray      
Group 6 Louise Haidar and Kit Betts-Masters      
Group 6 Kate Wishart and Saj Chowdry      
Group 7 Camilla Sherwin and David Barton      
Group 7 Jemima Hart and Stephen Hart      
Group 7 Grace Tomkins and David Arculus      
Group 8 Hilary Baseley and Richard Poulter      
Group 8 Megan Smedley and David Jack